HONEYMOON OF HORROR (1964) Reviews and overview

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‘A honeymoon of ecstasy turns into a nightmare…’

Honeymoon of Horror is a 1964 American horror thriller feature film about the new bride of a strange sculptor who thinks that someone wants her dead.

Directed by Irwin Meyer – his solo directorial credit – from a screenplay written by Alexander Panas, the Flamingo production stars Robert Parsons, Abbey Heller, Alexander Panas and Vincent Petti.


Lilli (Abbey Heller) marries sculptor Emile Duvre (Robert Parsons) and moves into his large mansion in Florida. However, she soon starts receiving threatening phone calls and narrowly escapes injury in a series of accidents…


Honeymoon marks the lone shot at directing for Irwin Meyer, who plowed greener pastures as a producer of made-for-TV movies (e.g., 1998’s exclamation-theirs Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!), and one can see why. Still, it’s not a vacuum of entertainment. Where else — in today’s society, especially — will one hear a woman speak the line “Yes, but he’s just a minor sex maniac” as a point of justification?” Flick Attack

“Some beatniks, belly dancing, ketchup blood and a midget can’t stop it dragging. One for fans of Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966).” DF Video Diary, Letterboxd

“It’s a cheap low budget horror movie but the acting is pretty decent, the story is pretty good and the characters are fairly interesting. It kind of ends up being A Bucket of Blood without the humor.” James, Letterboxed

Choice dialogue:

Emile: “Shut up! You could turn snow black!”

Cast and characters:

  • Robert Parsons … Emile Duvre
  • Abbey Heller … Lilli Duvre
  • Alexander Panas … Max Duvre
  • Vincent Petti … Hajmir Dallali
  • Beverly Lane … Helene Russel
  • Dorothy Farol … Myra Amstadt
  • Monroe Myers … Duane Albright
  • Michael DeBeausset … Socki Van Bridge
  • Snuffy Miller … Toulouse
  • Christy Foushee … Tutti-Frutti Johnson
  • Reuben Guberman … Baron von Turko
  • Yanka Mann … Waitress
  • Ingrid Albert
  • Dawn Meredith
  • Mary Robbins

Filming locations:

Studio Mansion of Baron Sepy Dubronyi, Coconut Grove, Florida

Technical details:

  • 82 minutes
  • Eastmancolor


Not to be confused with Honeymoon Horror (1982).

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