Bigfoot’s Bride – USA, 2019 – first review

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Bigfoot’s Bride is a 2019 American comedy horror feature film about a huge mutant that falls for a young female camper.

Written and directed by Erick Wofford (Splatterpunk!), the movie stars Jordan Phipps (Lakeside Massacre; 10/31; Close Calls), Joel Rogers (Scary Movie 5), Xia Orozco (The Horrific Evil Monsters) and Jessica Megan Rivera,

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” …frequent use of psychedelic colored filters and faked film scratches […] help to give Bigfoot’s Bride a 70s feel. Though the animated blood spray and I mean cartoon animation, not CGI, give it more of a Troma feel than anything. Overall, Bigfoot’s Bride is just such a strange mix of styles it feels like it crawled out of a grindhouse.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Jordan Phipps … Jody
  • Joel Rogers … Joe Glean
  • Xia Orozco … Jody
  • Jessica Megan Rivera … Heather
  • Devin Marcus Miller … Rufus
  • Chris Ferrell … Gus
  • Daniel Wofford … Fred / Thomas
  • Casey S. Wagner … Forrest
  • Sam Wofford … Bo
  • Erick Wofford … Fake Shemp
  • Meghan Marie Otis … Rebecca

Filming locations:

Clayton and Hampton, Georgia, USA

Technical details:

80 minutes


$4,500 (estimated)

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