BLOODTHIRSTY SPIDER (2021) Chinese creature feature – free to watch online

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Bloodthirsty Spider is a 2021 Chinese science-fiction monster movie about a giant marauding arachnid created by pollution.

Directed by Xue Less from a screenplay written by Bao Yuanhu, the Hui Mai Bang Film and Television production stars Zheng Zefei, Zhangzhen, Cheng Qiansheng, Wang Xinya and Wu Haibo.


In order to reduce costs, a greedy factory owner is secretly dumping toxic waste in the mountains. However, the resulting pollution leakage causes the spiders in the area to mutate.

Meanwhile, spider obsessed college student Qiumu (Zheng Zefei) and Songlin (Zhangzhen), his new female acquaintance, investigate reports of a massive arachnid in the forest nearby…

Cast and characters:

Zheng Zefei … Qiumu
Zhangzhen … Songlin
Cheng Qiansheng … Boss
Wang Xinya … Xiao li
Wu Haibo … Kuizi
Fu Zhiyuan … Quangzi
Wang Minglei … Lead worker
Liuchao … Worker A
Chenzhuo … Worker B
Chendan … Worker C

Technical details:

65 minutes

Original title:

嗜血狂蛛 aka Shì xiě kuáng zhū “Bloodthirsty Spider”

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Full film free to watch online [no English subs, unfortunately]:

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