JERITAN MALAM “Night Scream” (2019) Preview


Jeritan Malam [“Night Scream”] is a 2019 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film about a creepy house where strange and deadly events take place.

Directed by Rocky Soraya (The 3rd Eye 2; Suzzanna: Bernapas dalam KuburSabrinaThe Doll and The Doll 2) from a screenplay written by Donny Dhirgantoro and Ferry Lesmana, based on a storyline by Meta Morfosis. The movie stars Herjunot Ali, Cinta Laura Kiehl, Winky Wiryawan and Indra Brasco.


Reza (Herjunot Ali) decides to take a job from a company in Jakarta. The assignment he receives means Reza has to stay in an isolated company house in East Java. There, he befriends old employees Indra (Winky Wiryawan), Minto (Indra Brasco), and Dikin (Fuad Idris). Reza begins to notice various kinds of scary events in the house and so invites his friends to explore its past history.

In order to prove that there is nothing supernatural going on, Reza performs a strange ritual. That was his biggest mistake…


Jeritan Malam is released in Indonesia on 9th April 2020.

Cast and characters:

  • Herjunot Ali … Reza
  • Cinta Laura Kiehl … Wulan
  • Winky Wiryawan … Indra
  • Indra Brasco … Minto
  • Siva Aprilia … Hesti
  • Fuad Idris … Dikin
  • Roy Marten … Reza’s Father
  • Reza’s Mother
  • Otig Pakis … Mbah Wodo
  • Uno Eko … Young Shaman
  • Abah Yongki … Grandfather
  • Lukman Syah … Haji Mustofa
  • Ali Mario … Mbah Warsono
  • Goetheng Iku Ahkin … Pak Imron
  • Iwan Gardiawan … Pak Yanto (as Raden Gardiawan)

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