Cajun Fried Werewolf – USA, 2019 – review

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Cajun Fried Werewolf is a 2019 American comedy horror feature film about werewolves in Louisiana. And Bigfoot.

The film’s website declares that it is “the epitome of what makes every great B-Movie “so bad it’s good,” right down to the cheesy dialog. With an authentic film grain look and rubber monsters characteristic of old school creature features, Cajun Fried Werewolf is sure to attract fans of cult movies around the world.

This full-length feature film was inspired by the legend of the loup-garou or rougarou werewolf, a creature said to reside deep in the swamps of south Louisiana. The film also pits the Louisiana werewolf against the Florida Skunk Ape, better known as Bigfoot.”


Horror fans are infamously tolerant of whatever low-budget nonsense is foisted upon them, we often return sheepishly, faithfully and optimistically to see the latest Hollywood no-brainer remakes and sequels that offer little beyond jump scares and now there’s a new phenomenon to test our patience even further: movies released directly to streaming online. And they often aren’t even real movies per se, what we are often presented with are filmmaker’s home movies with friends and family onscreen. There are sometimes dogs that bark in the background that aren’t even edited from the final soundtrack. Those annoying digitally added scratches and marks that are supposed to make it look like a ’70s grindhouse feature have been added (Tarantino has a lot to answer for when he popularised this inane practice).

As regards Cajun Fried Werewolf, we also get static camera shots, zero production values such as gunshots that sound like kids’ pop guns and ‘actors’ that have often clearly forgotten their lines or interrupt each other, despite the camera keepin’ on rollin’ and no attempt to edit the resulting melee. Special effects are hilariously inept although it must be said that the lycanthropic lights for eyes are compellingly daft.  An extended and tedious training sequence during the middle of the movie makes even Ted V.Mikels late-period efforts seem like masterpieces.

And yet, this reviewer was obviously tempted by a title that suggested some form of knowing amusement: it’s a Cajun Fried Werewolf after all. Please don’t be suckered in too. ‘Auteur’ John Derrick Cooper – he wrote, directed, photographed, edited and stars in it – should be ashamed to put his name to this amateurish insult even when it masquerades as a fun ‘bad movie’. There is simply no reason to watch Cajun Fried Werewolf. It’s just bad. And jeez, those dogs in the background seem to bark forever.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES & MANIA

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