DEATH-SCORT SERVICE (2015) Reviews and overview


Death-Scort Service is a 2015 slasher horror film directed by Sean Donohue (Cannibal Claus; Die Die Delta Pi; Joe Vampire) from a screenplay co-written with Chris Woods (Chaos A.D.; Make Them Die Sleazy!; Bleed). It stars  Krystal Pixie Adams, Amethist Young, and Bailey Paige.

In Las Vegas, a group of escorts become the focus of a serial killer intent on brutally murdering them all…

Funding for the movie was partially raised through an Indiegogo campaign and the film was released on October 13, 2015. A sequel, Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead, has been released.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …functions primarily as an attempt to keep the carnival-scumbag vibe of vintage H.G. Lewis, David Friedman and Doris Wishman alive and well. I think it is well aware that its acting is pitiful, that its production values have none and that its transgressions are kind of an art-house experiment in bad taste.”

” …there’s absolutely nothing about Death-Scort Service that’s subtle; it hits you repeatedly about the head and neck until the final credits roll. Sometimes it’s with nudity, sometimes it’s with violence. Occasionally, you get both. Again, that’s definitely not a complaint. I found myself enjoying the flick even when I felt dirty, which, I guess, is a compliment.” Todd Rigney, Dread Central

“I think that a little more time spent introducing the victims would have added more weight and clarity to the story. I get that this movie is fast-paced, but a little more info on these gals would have gone a long way.  All in all, if you have enjoyed other films from Sleaze Box then you will definitely dig this nudity filled, gore soaked throwback…” Blaine McLaren, Mondo McLaren

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” …the film is full of on screen kills that take us back to the S.O.V. days.  Most are gruesome with crude practical effects but shot in a way that it makes it fun. Overall, Death-Scort Service is the f*cking slasher film for the ages. The film is so f*cking dirty that you will need to shower after watching it.  If you like em sleazy then look no further.” Blacktooth, Horror Society

Cast and characters:

  • Krystal Pixie Adams as Michelle
  • Amethist Young as Gwen
  • Bailey Paige as Erica
    Ashley Lynn Caputo as Missy
  • Sean Donohue as John #1/Strip Club Patron #1
  • Cayt Feinics as Jamie
  • Bob Glazier as Buddy
  • Lisa Marie Kart as Beverly
  • Joel D. Wynkoop as Angus
  • Joe Makowski as Mysterious Driver
  • Jessica Morgan as Tara
  • Alice Reigns as Julie
  • Evan Stone as T.V. Personality
  • Paula Tsurara as Candy
  • Amanda Welch as Dakota
  • Geneva Whitmore as Pamela
  • Chris Woods as John #2/Strip Club Patron #2

Filming locations:

Tampa, Florida