DEATH DROP GORGEOUS (2020) Reviews and overview


‘The boys they come, the boys they go’

Death Drop Gorgeous is a 2020 American slasher horror feature film about a killer slaughtering young gay men via a dating app.

Written and directed by Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe and Brandon Perras, the movie stars Wayne Gonsalves, Matthew Pidge, Brandon Perras-Sanchez and Michael McAdam.


After a failed relationship and business endeavour, Dwayne (Wayne Gonsalves) retreats back to his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. He reluctantly reaches out to his former boss, sleazy club owner Tony Two-Fingers (Brandon Perras-Sanchez), for any bartending shift available.

Dwayne secures a meagre Tuesday night shift but finds the venue isn’t the same he remembers. A new gaggle of drag queens now reign supreme, and their leader, the young and beautiful Janet Fitness (Matthew Pidge) has dethroned the club’s relic, Gloria Hole (Michael McAdam/Payton St. James).

As the dejected Dwayne and the ageing Gloria try to survive the hostile nightlife, a masked maniac, luring victims through a dating app, begins slaughtering young gay men from the club, draining them of blood. Worried this will negatively affect business, Tony pays two corrupt detectives (Michael J. Ahern, Sean Murphy) to cover up the carnage and unmask the killer.

However, the investigation unravels as more bodies turn up disfigured and drained. With no leads, the detectives set their sights on Tony’s employees, and everyone is suspect or a possible next victim…

Press blurb:

Death Drop Gorgeous is a grassroots, community-built film that showcases the queer talent of the creative capital of America, Providence, Rhode Island. The project was an ambitious endeavour created by three friends who wanted to make an LGBTQ film that they had never seen before.

It was filmed on weekends and weeknights for over two years, and it is a passion project in every sense of the word. It’s a love letter to their city. It’s about protecting queer spaces and elders. And it’s about the very real monsters within the community.”

Linnea Quigley in a cameo role


” …the final act is when we are hit with the bulk of the horror. There are some unexpected plot twists, an iconic scream queen makes a brief cameo without distracting us, and the killer’s performance is an absolute hoot, rising to the occasion for this gay slasher comedy’s campy tone.” Boys, Bears & Scares

“The story here is more fun than it is compelling, and the worldbuilding around the main slasher thread would benefit from being fleshed out a bit more. But again, it doesn’t get in the way of the colorful characters and dialogue. There’s also some nice threads about stereotypes, aging, and racism…” Cinema Seventy-Six

Death Drop Gorgeous is a wonderfully vampy, zany and sickening clash between three walks of life. Predators, prey and primadonna drag divas. Between the horror and drama, you’ll find tidbits of comedy, real-world themes, and supernatural elements. Plus, whoever cast this movie gets my applause for hiring the actors who filled the hot cop roles with breathtaking fashion.” Horror Society

Technical details:

103 minutes