ALONE (2020) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t trust what you can’t see’

Alone is a 2019 American horror thriller feature film about a writer seeking solitude in the countryside in an attempt to recover from tragedy and finish her book. However, as the welcoming country house turns into a living hell, she soon realizes that her inner demons are not the worst of her problems…

Directed by Vladislav Khesin from a screenplay co-written with Samuel Bandeira, Gabriel Legua and Olabode Olakanmi. The Broken Cage Studio production stars Elizabeth Arends (Abruptio), Sara Anne, Albina Katsman and Bailey Coppola.


“The most notable thing about the direction is a couple of nice uses of reflective surfaces. The writing isn’t great, and events are sometimes downright confusing. I was left feeling that the movie was “not bad” […] The end credits start rolling at just 76 minutes, so Alone won’t take up too much of your time if you decide to check it out.” Arrow in the Head

“Given budget restraints and lack of experience, Alone could’ve been much worse than it was. This movie features some interesting concepts and a few very effective sequences, topped with interesting camera-work and solid visuals […] Nonetheless, Alone has more negative aspects than positive ones.” Horror World & Reviews


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Cast and characters:

  • Elizabeth Arends … Emma
  • Sara Anne … Hailey
  • Albina Katsman … Nicole
  • Bailey Coppola … Jesse
  • Dane Majors … Luke
  • Kyle Dondlinger … Daniel
  • Graham Jenkins … Nate
  • Caesar James … Robert
  • Christa Atkins … Jill
  • Circus-Szalewski … Doctor Petersen
  • Chuck Mccarns … Sheriff Kavanaugh

Filming locations:

  • California

Technical details:

  • 81 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
  • Audio: Dolby Digital


This film should not be confused with the 2020 zombie film of the same name which stars Donald Sutherland and Tyler Posey.