Alone – USA, 2020 – Preview of new angst-ridden zombie horror


‘Anyone that survives this will have to be forgiven for unforgivable things.’

Alone is a 2020 American infection horror feature film about a man isolated in his apartment as a zombie apocalypse ensues outside.

Directed by Johnny Martin (Devour; Delirium; Skeleton Man) from a screenplay written by Matt Naylor, the JAR Films-Martini Films production stars Donald Sutherland (The Puppet Masters; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Don’t Look Now), Tyler Posey (The Lost Boys 2019; Scream: The TV Series; Truth or Dare), Robert Ri’chard (iZombie series; The Vampire Diaries series; The Burrowers) and John Posey.

The plot is very similar to that of the French film The Night Eats the World (2018).


When an apocalyptic outbreak hits, Aidan barricades himself inside his apartment and starts rationing food. His complex is overrun by infected Screamers, and with the world falling apart into chaos, he is left completely alone fighting for his life…

Cast and characters:

  • Donald Sutherland … Edward
  • Tyler Posey … Young Man
  • Robert Ri’chard … Brandon
  • John Posey … Dad
  • Eric Etebari … Jack Brian
  • Summer Spiro … Eva
  • Margarita Reyes … Injured Screamer
  • Greg Fitzpatrick … Field Reporter
  • Brooke Swallow … Jessica
  • Josh Harp … Huge Screamer
  • Bridgette Meredith Garb … Sister
  • Maya Karin
  • Debbie Martinelli Swallow … Sharon
  • Josey Martin … Vanessa
  • Jenny Martin … Kat


#Alone is a South Korean adaptation of the same story by writer-director Il Cho and is currently being filming for release in 2020.

Donald Sutherland began his film career in horror playing three roles, including an old woman, in Italian movie The Castle of the Living Dead (1964), swiftly followed by Amicus’ Doctor Terror’s House of Horrors (1964) and Hammer’s Fanatic aka Die! Die! My Darling! (1965).


This film should not be confused with the 2020 horror thriller of the same name starring Elizabeth Arends.

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