POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY (2015) Reviews and overview

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‘When the lights go out the terror begins’

Poltergeist Activity is a 2015 British horror film about a grieving father and his teenage daughter menaced by a paranormal spectral presence.

Produced and directed by Andrew Jones.

The North Bank Entertainment production stars Lee Bane (Robert the Doll franchise; The Legend of Halloween Jack; Werewolves of the Third Reich), Natalie Martins (Vampire Virus; The Barge People), Jared Morgan (The Nun; The Amityville Asylum; Goodnight, God Bless) and Judith Haley (The Revenge of Robert the Doll; The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund).


After the death of his wife, David Prescott (Lee Bane) moves to a secluded farmhouse in a Welsh village with his teenage daughter Katherine (Natalie Martins). A stressful, upsetting time is soon made all the worse when they encounter unexplained occurrences and frightening visions in their new home.

Desperate for answers, David turns to retired paranormal investigator Hans Voltz (Jared Morgan) who must rediscover all of his skill and spiritual strength to defeat the spectral menace…


“All of the horror falls flat, which is the main reason why most won’t like this movie but it’s still one that never becomes terribly unappealing to watch. It’s just too original and creatively put together for that, though I definitely wouldn’t go as far to call this movie a great or totally recommendable one as well.” Boba_Fett1138

” …Poltergeist Activity cannot exactly be classified as careless filmmaking, though there are certainly camera shots and script beats where the apparent attitude is, “eh, good enough.” Poltergeist Activity is a film made for function.  Even the producers are unlikely to argue that the intention is anything above speedily pumping out a by-the-basics production…” Culture Crypt

“Even though Poltergeist Activity was a good eighty minutes long, nothing much actually happened. The whole thing felt like a build-up to something which never came along; so, naturally, it wasn’t very enjoyable. There’s good bad horror, and then there’s just bad horror. This fits the bill.” HNN

” …from being a shallow exercise in ghostly goings-on, there’s some really well-written parts of the narrative that look at the effects of grief, and how they can damage relationships within the family unit. A welcome bonus in Poltergeist Activity is the appearance of Jones regular Jared Morgan…” The Schlock Pit

Cast and characters:

Lee Bane … David Prescott
Natalie Martins … Katherine Prescott
Jared Morgan … Hans Voltz
Judith Haley … Mrs Blankenship
Tricia Ford … Ethel McKenzie
Sam Harding … Alex
Gwynfryn West … Jim Ogilvie
Robert Graham … Q&A Audience Member #1
Finelle Grace Batista … Q&A Audience Member #2
Felicity Boylett … Doll Face Ghosts
Dean Sills … Maxwell Statler

Technical details:

84 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

Film Facts:

The film ends with a quote by Edgar Allan Poe: “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” The famous quote comes from his short horror story ‘The Premature Burial’.

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