Vampire Virus – UK, 2020 – preview with trailer


‘A new generation of vampires is born’

Vampire Virus is a 2020 British horror feature film about a young woman who contracts a deadly virus after an unusual frisky female encounter. Unfortunately, she also soon develops a taste for human blood

Directed, photographed and edited by Charlie Steeds (An English Haunting; The Barge People; Winterskin; Cannibal Farm) from a screenplay co-written with Sam Ashurst (A Little More Flesh; shorts: The Heart id for Blood; Turn Your Bloody Phone Off), based on a story by co-producers Jerome Reygner-Kalfon and Sebastien Semon, the Dark Temple Motion Pictures production stars Natalie Martins (A Werewolf in England; The Barge People; Poltergeist Activity), Derek Nelson, Jéssica Alonso (A Werewolf in England; An English Haunting) and Peter Lofsgard. The movie was previously known as After Dark

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Cast and characters:

  • Natalie Martins … Jennifer
  • Derek Nelson … Freddie
  • Jéssica Alonso … Izabella
  • Peter Lofsgard … Jack
  • Jonathan Hansler … Lieutenant Peterson
  • Mark McKirdy … Detective Noonan
  • Makenna Guyler … Sarah
  • Candice Palladino … Lauren
  • Grace Blackman … Lindsay
  • Barrington De La Roche … Homeless Man
  • Robert Nairne … Tobias
  • Ayvianna Snow … The Infected
  • Richard D. Myers … Jimmy the Cab Driver (as Richard Myers)
  • Grayson James Matthews … Tyler
  • Kane Surry … Zane
  • James Swanton … Frank Laymon
  • Alexandra Hansler … Receptionist
  • Lorraine Tai … Female Vampire
  • Tim Cartwright … Director Grenik
  • Swainley Whipps Eden-Entwistle … Interrogation Officer
  • Jay O’Connell … Thomas
  • Jaime Seal … Male Vampire

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