THE CLOTH (2013) Reviews and overview


The Cloth is a 2013 American horror feature film about a godless man who is recruited by a secret Catholic organization to combat demonic possessions.

Written and directed by Justin Price (Abominable; The Mummy Rebirth; Alien: Reign of Man; The 13th Friday; The Elf; et al), the Eminence Productions-Cloth Film movie stars Danny Trejo, (Cartel 2045; Dead in Tombstone and sequel; The Burning Dead; et al), Eric Roberts (Monster Island; Sorority Slaughterhouse; Raptor; et al), Rachele Brooke Smith, Justin Price, Robert Miano, Lassiter Holmes and Kyler Willett.


A secret organization, The Cloth, has been formed by the Catholic Church to counteract the rising number of cases of demonic possessions across the country.

A young godless man named Jason (Kyler Willett) is recruited into The Cloth in order to prepare a new generation with the tools needed to perform exorcisms on the damned and stop the rise of the ultimate evil, Beelzebub…

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“It’s good to see Eric Roberts again. But it’s a shame that he and Danny Trejo are on the cover (above) but only have a cameo in the movie. I don’t like that kind of entrapment. That’s a no-no. The cover looks cool by the way. But the movie isn’t.” 5 Second Review

“Next time I’d advise Justin to get a script editor in to check over the script before he starts shooting, get someone else to edit the film for him, and also get additional help to do second unit stuff like the fight choreography, which is really poor here. Oh, and save up some money for the special effects, which are sub-par Lawnmower Man here.” Blueprint: Review


“Somewhere along the line, The Cloth may have started with a decent idea and good intentions.  But it did not have the production tools to bring that idea to life, and seemingly spent its resources on name actors it barely even used […] The Cloth is not a good film.  And frankly, that is the mildest way to put it.” Culture Crypt

“The head of the order is played by […] Eric Roberts as Father Tollman. As with Trejo what you see on the posters or in a trailer is pretty much the extent of his role. Armed with their fancy weapons as agents of God Jason and Diekmen go hunting demons; unfortunately, their holy Q, quartermaster, couldn’t arm them with a cohesive script.” Home Theater Info

” …the film looks a treat and belies its low budget to create some impressive effects, particularly in the creatures and make-up department. It also moves along at a fair old pace and chucks in plenty of good old-fashioned priests vs. demons action sequences. On balance, however, the fundamental problems with both the story and the acting prevent me from giving The Cloth anything other than a cautious recommendation.” HNN

“The dialogue does sometimes leave these actors in the lurch, however, and never rises above the mildly amusing level of, “That’s holy water… bitch.” More damaging than any shortcomings of casting, however, are the filmmakers’ insistence on bringing to the screen effects-reliant phantasmagorias that are simply beyond the means of such a limited budget.” Ideological Content Analysis

“It checks so many boxes in the ‘This Sounds Cool as a Film’ Checklist…but sucks. For one, their CG is bad. No matter how neat the weapons may sound, the effects suck. Second, the action scenes are just hard to follow […] I’m less bothered by it than most. That said, these ones are awful.” Mondo Bizarro

“The sound/graphics/writing/editing/ cinematography etc are on par with the across-the-board performances which means… well, let’s just say that Kyler Willett isn’t even convincing as a real human being, much less an actor.” Seraphic Wings

“Priests fighting demons…that’s about it. Eric Roberts is in this for five minutes proving he’ll act in anything for a paycheck. Danny Trejo is also in this for an additional five minutes […] The main hero in this is the less talented clone of Paul Walker. Think about that for a minute.” Wide Weird World of Cult Films

Choice dialogue:

Laurel: “There’s no such thing as corruption in the church Jason! The only church that has ever existed, lies within.”

Helix: “Somebody slap me with the devil’s nutsack!”

Cast and characters:

  • Danny Trejo … Father Connely
  • Eric Roberts … Father Tollman
  • Rachele Brooke Smith … Julia
  • Justin Price … Kasdeya
  • Robert Miano … Lewis
  • Lassiter Holmes … Father Diekmen
  • Kyler Willett … Jason
  • Cameron White … Helix
  • Steven Brand … Father Johnson
  • Perla Rodríguez … Laurel
  • Mako Veronica … Stacey
  • Ezequiel Rodriguez … Father Gardner
  • Khu … Nybass / Roxy
  • Daniel Roman … Roney / Demon (as Dan Roman)
  • Silvia Spross … Deborah
  • Emilio Roso … Father Longard
  • Anthony Acosta … Father Dean
  • John Greer … Priest
  • Asad Farr … Diablo
  • Anastasia Antonia … Olivia (as Anastasia Esper)
  • Mark Hieronimus … Priest
  • Amber Nicole … Noire
  • Viridiana Garza … Jezebel
  • Amara Moselle Valdez … Venom
  •  Myrrhina K. Martinez … Cave Demon
  • Elyssia Gonzalez … Raum
  • Aasem Alhajhussein … Club Demon
  • Quint Rogers … Garage Demon
  • Kennedy Acosta … Cindy
  • Sebastian Trevino … Ricky
  • Ciro Trevino … Agent Steel Demon
  • Christopher Hardcastle … Eddie
  • Rick Phoenix … Rocker Demon
  • Will Martinez … Lead Club Demon
  • Mario Alberto Rodriguez … Demon Clubber
  • Omar Trevino … Judge Alberto
  • Joshua Guerrero … Al’s Guard Demon
  • Miguel Olquin … Al
  • Andres G. Del Toro … Garant (as Andres Del Toro)
  • Alex Dalcour … Bombrandt
  • David E. Cazares … Club Demon
  • Marty Wood … Priest (uncredited)

Technical details:

  • 88 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


Filming took place in 2011 and was in post-production as of early 2012.