PROXIMITY (2020) Reviews and overview

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Proximity is a 2020 American science fiction thriller film about a young scientist who is abducted by extraterrestrials but no-one believes him.

Written and directed by Eric Demeusy, based on a storyline co-written with Jason Mitcheltree, the Demeusy Pictures production stars Ryan Masson, Highdee Kuan, Christian Prentice, Shaw Jones and Don Scribner.


Isaac, a young scientist working for NASA, deals with the difficulties of everyday life when he unexpectedly receives a mysterious signal from space through one of the satellites at work.

When he sets out to investigate the crash site, his entire world turns upside down – he is abducted by extraterrestrials. He finds his camera next to him and realises he captured the whole thing on tape. The only problem now is when he tries to tell the people closest to him, they don’t believe him…


Proximity was released on-demand on May 15th 2020 via Shout! Factory


Proximity has excellent visual effects throughout, makes good use of pop songs on the soundtrack, and features a nice lead performance from Ryan Masson, who deftly avoids all the “tech nerd” stereotypes. No matter what kind of sci-fi you like, there’s some of it in here. Demeusy clearly has an abundance of enthusiasm for the genre, as well as a desire to provide escapist genre entertainment with a vintage feel.” The Aisle Seat

” …the alien design was cool for an indie movie. Proximity is a good directorial debut, but it’s not one that I feel the need to pick up again. Before I forget, watch the film and tell me if you pick up on the sub-textual Christian vibe.” Anderson Vision

Proximity suggest a big uptick in terms of Demusey’s stock, handling actors, effects and a decent-sized production with skill. And there’s something child-like but beguiling about the basic nature of this story; very few directors manage a great film off-the-bat, but Proximity’s wide-eyed credulous attitude, ingenious effects and home-spun values make for some fun family fare.” Film Authority

“The first third pretty realistically depicts what could result in our hyper-online world after posting an alien abduction video. The mid-section is mostly conventional MIB stuff, but during the final third, Demeusy claims territory all his own […] it manages to find a take on familiar alien abduction/contact themes that is fresh and different. Recommended for science fiction fans with open minds.” J.B. Spins

“It’s the vague but wild details of the aliens, their mission, and their discoveries about the nature of the universe (A religious figure makes an odd cameo, making us wonder if the whole movie is some kind of evangelical allegory) that elevate this material to truly head-scratching territory—and not in a good way.” Mark Reviews Movies

“If not entirely original, nor blessed with a scintillating script, the movie is nevertheless peppered with top-notch visuals and some well-executed ideas. Add in some exotic locations and it looks like a slick and glossy big-budget picture. A lot of credit goes to cinematographer/writer Mitcheltree and the special effects crew. The movie also has a charming performance from Masson as Isaac…” The Movie Waffler

” …it’s such a delight. It never really takes itself too seriously and instead opts for more lighthearted thrills while also managing to tell a compelling story of love amidst the alien story. One of the reasons why this movie works as well as it does is thanks to the performances from the two lead actors, those being Ryan Masson and Highdee Kuan.” Punch Drunk Critics

“Thoughtful, serious-minded and filled with visual delights, sci-fi fans of all ages should have a blast.” Screen Anarchy

Cast and characters:

Ryan Masson … Isaac
Highdee Kuan … Sara
Christian Prentice … Zed
Shaw Jones … Agent Graves
Don Scribner … Carl
Christopher Murray … Quaid Ottinger
Sarah Navratil … Christine
Pamela Holt … Shannon
Kylie Contreary … Greeta
Darin Cooper … Scientist
Jeff Davis … CIA Operator
Tyler Roy Roberts … Government Agent
Dan Warner … Professor
Jordan Tortorello … Brett
Jeremy Lawson … Jesus
Blaine Gray … Anchorman
Max Cutler … Beck
Mikey McKernan … Gabe Baker
Randy Davison … Doctor Kozlov
Tyler Derench … Markus
Anthony Bradford … Agent James McCallister
Ben Sullivan … Agent Brax Kerry
Gregory DePetro … Sam Terrif (as Greg Depetro)
Cara Jade Myers … Waitress
Stephanie De Bar … Samantha Klein
Joseph Buttler … Cosmologist
Robin Zamora … Coffee Shop Patron
Nomi Abadi … Girlfriend
Danny McFarland … Agent Syrus Knox
Michael Faulkner … Lab Supervisor
Ian Coleman … Agent Rick Collins
David Baumgardner … Young Carl
Marc Livingood … Ted Hooper
Elli Rahn … Reporter
Mauri Montebello Perez … Sean Turner
Zelia Scott … Anchorwoman
Mark Toguchi … Government Agent


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