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‘These girls have a new major… survival’

Insecticidal is a 2005 Canadian science fiction horror feature film about sorority girls being attacked by giant genetically altered insects and arachnids.

Produced and directed by Jeffery Scott Lando [as Jeffery Lando] (Dead of Night aka Suspension; Roboshark; Boogeyman; Goblin; et al) from a screenplay written by Jeff O’Brien, the movie stars Meghan Heffern, Rhonda Dent, Travis Watters and Shawn Bachynski.


Bug-loving sorority girl “creepy” Cami experiments on insects trying to raise their intelligence. When an angry sorority sister grows tired of the bugs escaping, she sprays them all with insecticide.

Instead of killing them, the bug spray mutates the genetically altered insects and arachnids, turning them into giant flesh-eating monsters. And the only flesh nearby belongs to the sorority girls…

Blu-ray release:

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Insecticidal is one of the few rare titles in the B grade sci-fi horror cinema that is considerably micro-budget, but embraces its low tech production qualities offering up a hilarious and sexy good time with some gruesome special effects and nonsensical climax.” Cinema Crazed

“Meghan Heffern gives a decent performance as the heroine who is always one step ahead of everyone, but Lando fails to make her look less attractive from everyone else […] This is the kind of guilty pleasure schlock that you can enjoy because it’s so bad it’s good. Boobs, bugs, blood, guts, knives, and a hell of a lot of flesh. What more can you ask for?” Film Threat

“Seriously – Insecticidal stacks up as one of the best b-movies I’ve seen in a very long time. This is how it’s done, folks […] This is a real ass-kicker, people. An example of just what you can do if you really understand the ingredients of the greatest exploitation and b-movies ever made. Highly recommended!” Gonzoriffic

“The film is so stupid that it is entertaining at times, but not nearly enough. It is mostly just kind of bad in a way that isn’t funny. Oh well. One more bit of crappy CG for the road…” Mondo Bizzaro

“This is seriously grade Z material. Most of the bugs are reasonably small, scurrying across the floor but its the giant preying mantis that turns the most laughs in. It looks like the same few frames of animation were used time and time again. The bugs get stuck in though and there’s a big body count.” Popcorn Pictures

“It has a certain amount of humor, some of which actually works, a deliberate Psycho reference (to the shower scene, naturally!), a creative use for a blender, and, of course, giant insects. Lots of them. Somewhat stiff and unconvincing, yes, but giant insects. And that’s about it.” Rivets on the Poster

” …somewhat entertaining, and is packed with enough nudity to keep you interested. The few characters that make it to the third act are the only ones with any development, and some of them are cooler than others. Cami is an interesting choice as a heroine, as she is a little more nerdy than usual for these films…” Tars Tarkas

Choice dialogue:

Cami: “Bugs can adapt and change in a heartbeat. They do what they have to in order to survive. They adapt to conditions, they become immune to pesticides, they change their feeding habits, they become parasites with human hosts. You can never really beat them.”

Cast and characters:

Meghan Heffern … Cami
Rhonda Dent … Josi
Travis Watters … Mitch (as Travis Waters)
Shawn Bachynski … Martin
Samantha McLeod … Sophi
Anna Amoroso … Jeni
Natalie Boll … Twisti (as Natalia Walker)
Ryan Zwick … Dick
Anna Farrant … Belli
Nelson Leis … Kyle (as Nelson Carter-Leis)
Chris Guy … Cherri
Alan Steele … Pizza Boy
Vicky Huang … Fumi
Simon Sippola … Security Guard (voice)
Sean Whale … Sluggo

Production companies:

Riptide Entertainment
Incisor Productions
Way Below the Line Productions

Filming locations:

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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