NEVRLAND (2019) Reviews and overview


Nevrland is a 2019 Austrian mystery feature film about a 17-year-old who struggles with an anxiety disorder, that makes life increasingly difficult for him. He develops a virtual friendship with a 26-year-old artist. When they finally meet, an extremely unexpected chain of events occurs…

Written and directed by Gregor Schmidinger, the movie stars Simon Frühwirth, Paul Forman, Josef Hader and Wolfgang Hübsch.


“Not only is it mesmerising to watch, it’s utterly immersive and unavoidably involving. This is a painstaking and painful character study…one [memorable albeit brief] scene, with his father… it’s just a look of hope and hopelessness combined. His father knows what his son needs…yet, is unable to reach out and touch and feel and cradle. Such detail, such art.” CGiii

“This is a film that will undoubtedly divide audiences. But equally provides a fascinating and intoxicating mix of inner thoughts, external pressures and anxieties. In creating what can only be described as a truly unique vision of self-discovery, mental health and sexuality.” Cinerama Film

” …the film […] — dashed with half-hearted jump scares, several red herrings, and too many jump-cuts to pig carcasses — doesn’t emphatically stake a claim to what it wants to be. The dead animal visuals and pounding techno soundtrack call to mind Julia Ducournau’s 2016 flesh-eating tour-de-force Raw, but Nevrland never transmits its effects of suspense, horror, or post-millennial mindfuck with such persuasive confidence.” Metro Weekly

“A perfectly trippy companion piece to Till Kleinert’s Der Samurai, Nevrland is a damn fine borderline horror flick which the fans of David Lynch may find thrilling…” NGBoo Art

Cast and characters:

  • Simon Frühwirth … Jakob
  • Paul Forman … Kristjan
  • Josef Hader … Father
  • Wolfgang Hübsch … Grandfather
  • Anton Noori … Murat
  • Markus Schleinzer … Psychotherapist
  • Nico Greinecker … Little Boy
  • Max Meyr … Worker
  • Peter Machacek … Doctor
  • Carl Achleitner … Priest
  • Milena Nikolic … Lavatory Attendant

Filming locations:

  • Vienna, Austria

Technical details:

  • 88 minutes
  • Audio: Dolby Atmos
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35: 1

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