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8 Graves is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film about an all-girls college reunion weekend in an old South Carolina house that goes horribly wrong. Two vengeful spirits start to pick off the partygoers one by one…

Executive produced and directed by Gus Smythe from a screenplay written by producer, cinematographer and editor Nick Smith, based on Gus Smythe’s story, the Gimlet Eye Productions movie stars Jessica Slaughter, Jennifer Olympia Bentley, Judit Fekete (The Witcher TV series) and Andrea Catangay.

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“The acting, for the most part, is solid. The VFX digital and practical FX are, again for the most part, good. Some are even impressive, some well, less so. There are some good shots and solid atmospheric b-roll as well […] The movie has flaws inherent in ultra low budget film making, but it is highly watchable.” Ansempaul

“Any casual viewer of horror will have no difficulty surmising who the “Final Girl” of this picture will be. With that said, I was entertained with how the cast and crew involved were able to build an entire film around these limitations and executed a fun story.” Medium.com

8 Graves is nothing you haven’t seen before. A CGI spectre committing bloodless killings. Characters who act unrealistically, wandering into harm’s way, not noticing when somebody has been gone for hours, etc. […] But there’s almost no gore, no skin and, worst of all, no scares.” Voices from the Balcony

Choice dialogue:

Melissa: “As far as I’m concerned, Kara, relationships are bullshit and men are a bunch of pussies.”


8 Graves is available On-Demand via platforms such as Amazon.com

Cast and characters:

  • Jessica Slaughter … Sadie
  • Jennifer Olympia Bentley … Kara
  • Judit Fekete … Whitney
  • Andrea Catangay … Melissa
  • Valarie Kobrovsky … Ruth
  • John R. Brennan … Bruce
  • Chris Maxey … Colin
  • Daniel Jones … Gareth Taber
  • Patricia Garvin … Rose Taber
  • Braxton Williams … Mitch
  • Sims Holland … Alice

Filming locations:

Charleston and Georgetown, South Carolina

Technical details:

81 minutes

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