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‘Being a teenager sucks’

Girls Just Wanna Have Blood is a 2018 American comedy horror feature film about a disaffected young woman who falls in with a trio of teenage female vampires. It was formerly known as Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos

Written and directed by Anthony Catanese (Hi-Death segment ‘Death Has a Conscience’; Sodomaniac), the movie stars Amanda Renee, Bettina Skye, David M.Sitbon and Gigi Gustin (Fast and Fierce: Death Race).


When social outcast Jessica (Amanda Renee) is accepted into a trio of teenage vampires, she finds herself thrust into a nocturnal world of murder, drugs and all-night parties as they stalk the patrons of local bars and clubs. Meanwhile, a mysterious, foreign vampire hunter searches the underworld in hopes of putting a stake right through their plan to party forever…


Girls Just Wanna Have Blood is available on DVD and VOD from May 26th 2020 via Wild Eye Releasing. It premiered at the New Jersey Film Festival on January 26th 2019 as Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos

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“The 0.5 of a star is for the laughs and the diverse casting of the female vampires. Other than for those two aspects, though, I cannot think of anything else this film did well. I often questioned while watching it how this was the final cut, and why reshoots and/or re-edits were not done.” Film Festival Today

Girls Just Wanna Have Blood is the kind of horror that’s dreamed up amidst middle school boy’s room conversations, down to the fake semen, voyeuristic parents, porn-addict friend, so on and so forth. The film’s sense of humor overstays its welcome, especially running over one hundred minutes.” Flickering Myth

“Sadly, the effects are very limited but that is the nature of vampire flicks. Cantanese handles the gags very well and utilizes camera angles and trick shocks to make the neck bites work.  Overall, Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos is fantastic. This is one of the best vampire films I have seen in years.” Horror Society

“By the time the film is over, Catanese did his best to offend every group, demographic or purveyors of good taste possible. He even manages to make the nudity as sexy as a cold shower. On a technical standpoint, transitions and editing are amateurish with some scenes getting needless zooms and the dialogue sounds it was recorded in three separate locations.” Lyle’s Movie Files

Girls Just Wanna Have Blood is proof that instances of an obviously low production value don’t always diminish the overall quality of the film. Contextually, a grotesque practical effect is completely accurate for the look and tone of the film, despite looking awful at the same time.” Nerdly

” …a throwback movie to straight-to-video teen horror from the 1980s and early 90s (with variations surviving well into the 2000s) with its combination of teenage angst, blunt horror, mild titillation and often crude comedy, something that’s mirrored not only in story but also looks and soundtrack – and as a throwback, it works rather nicely…” Search My Trash

“There’s a fine-line between gutter humour and being crass. Girls Just Wanna Have Blood doesn’t really care were the line is. When the jokes land, they land well. Some of them are real clunkers while others are pretty quotable. It’s almost cute but it’s definitely very, very dumb.” Starburst

Cast and characters:

  • Gigi Gustin … Stacy
  • Bettina Skye … Lucy
  • Kirk Ponton … Quan
  • David M. Sitbon … Vals Dad
  • Sam Meola … Blanks
  • Amanda Renee … Jessica
  • Destyne Marshai … Trish
  • Penny Praline … April
  • Allan Sconza … Older Nerdy Fellow
  • Craig Kelly … Boris Von Yelsing
  • Holly Feehan … Nun
  • Matt Revesz … Dead Punk Squatter
  • Gretchen Glitz … Drunk Nun
  • Dana Ackerman … Tori
  • Charles Glover … Biker

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