ANCESTRAL WORLD (2020) Reviews and overview


Ancestral World is a 2020 Italian-American action-adventure fantasy feature film about a prince facing off against the demonic God of Destruction.

Directed by visual effects creator Enrico De Palo – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written with Adriano Barone, the Event Horizon Studios production stars Jennifer Mischiati, Joe Morelli, Ryan A. Phillips and Stewart Arnold.

A Prince Iruma (Joe Morelli) learn to be a hero. In a time of demons and gods warring for domination, a prince is sent on a mission to rescue his brother and recover a magical armour stolen by the God of Destruction…


” …while this is De Palo’s first film as a director he has a long list of credits as a digital effects artist. As a result, while still not great, the CGI effects are much better than most low budget films. The script also wisely avoids involving dragons or other resource taxing monsters so the budget can handle what we do see.” Voices from the Balcony


Ancestral World premiered on Japanese TV on 16th April 2020. The film is being distributed worldwide by 4Digital Media.

Cast and characters:

Jennifer Mischiati … Lantris
Joe Morelli … Iruma
Ryan A. Phillips … Mairok
Stewart Arnold … Melek
Christopher Jones … Golan Mor

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