THE TREES HAVE EYES (2014) Review and overview


‘These woods will leave you hollow’

The Trees Have Eyes is a 2014 American horror feature film about a group of bounty hunters besieged by zombies in the woods.

Written and directed by Jordan Pacheco (Blood Pi; Haunting in New England) with additional story and material by George Kent Guarino and David Langill, the movie stars Tony Moran (Halloween, 2018), Timothy Patrick Quill, David Michael Carpenter and Jackie B. Fabian.


While on the search of a fleeing felon, a group of bounty hunters head into a vast New England forest in hopes to capture this dangerous man.

While on the trail of their quarry, the group encounters more than just a murderer on the run when they are confronted with a seemingly endless horde of the undead. With no shelter, no help and no end to the carnage, survival seems hopeless…

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“The gore effects are lacking in quantity and quality. An attempt at a zombie feast is ruined by an obvious latex corpse. Some of the other gut-munching scenes are effective. At other points, close-range shots to the head don’t even draw blood […] It took director Jordan Pacheco and two co-writers George Kent Guarino and David Langill (Erebus) to come up with a script with almost no plot or interesting characters.” Voices from the Balcony


In the USA, The Trees Have Eyes was released on DVD by ITN on July 21st 2020. Order via

Cast and characters:

Tony Moran … Bosk
Timothy Patrick Quill … Henry
David Michael Carpenter … Colt
Jackie B. Fabian … Samantha (as Jaquelyn Fabian)
Chris O’Reilly … Park Ranger Ryan Murphy (as Christopher P. O’Reilly)
Alexander Gauthier … Randall
Alexandra Cipolla … Clair Marshall
Nicole Campana … Teagan
Amanda S. Marie … Madison
Mikaila Baca-Dorion … Britney
Cate Carson … Hannah
Jim Baker … Jr.
Jamie Lyn Bagley … Annie
Anthony Hoang … Jay
Molly Bettencourt … Sarah
Justin Beahm … Paramedic Rhodes

Filming locations:

New England

Original title:

The movie was formerly known as Dead Bounty. 

Fun fact:

The lead character “Colt” was named after Lee Majors’ character, “Colt Seavers” in the 1980s TV show The Fall Guy