GIANTESS BATTLE ATTACK! (2022) Reviews and now free to watch online!

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‘It’s a 50 foot freakout!’
Giantess Battle Attack! is a 2022 comedy sci-fi film which continues the adventures of buxom Beverly from Attack of the 50 Foot Cam Girl.

Directed by Jim Wynorski (Bigfoot or Burst; CobragatorSharkansas Women’s Prison MassacreGila!PiranhacondaCamel SpidersDinocroc vs. SupergatorGhoulies IVSorceressThe Wasp Woman 1995; Transylvania TwistNot of This Earth 1988 and Chopping Mall) from a screenplay written by Kent Roudebush (Evil Bong 666). Produced by Charles Band.


The Full Moon Features production stars Ivy Smith, Kira Noir, Lisa London, Masuimi Max, Lauren Nicole Smith, Deborah Dutch, Frankie Cullen, Kiersten Hall, Christine Dupree, CJ Sparxx, Todd Senofonte, Freddy John James, Steve Altman, Eli Cirino, Sydney Thackray and Scott Feinblatt.


“The beautiful, beastly Beverly from Attack of the 50 Foot Cam Girl returns and faces a new gaggle of gargantuan gals, hell-bent on achieving deluxe diva domination. Get ready for the cinematic smackdown thrills of Giantess Battle Attack. Size really does matter.”

“The story here has been simplified and is basically Smith coming to terms with her “giantness” but still searching for that cure when she can. This time, the film leans more into the adult territory than the first. However, it works for the film, the goal is to have fun, and that’s precisely what the cast and crew did. The sets were again well done, and the interactions with them were as well done as in the first film.” Overly Honest Movie Reviews

“While a mite technically sloppy on occasion due to its rapid production, and slightly too reliant on overly aggressive insult comedy, Giantess Battle Attack! is a bright and airily lensed number robustly performed by a game cast […] Jeff Leroy’s miniatures are as excellent as they were in Camgirl, and Wynorski’s boisterous direction is gloriously high spirited.” The Schlock Pit

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