MIDNIGHT DEVILS (2019) Preview with images and trailer


Midnight Devils is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film about a house full of criminals battling with an ancient evil force.

Written and directed by Abel Berry and Jennifer Michelle Stone II, the Stoneberry Films production stars genre icon Michael Berryman, plus Jennifer Stone, Erin Marie Garrett, Billy Blair, Guy Mayfield, Paula Marcenaro Solinger and Alan Rowe Kelly.


Two rough girls, Diem and Uri (Jennifer Stone, Paula Marcenaro Solinger), from the inner city steal a suitcase full of money from violent drug dealers and flee to an old house where Deim’s grandfather (Michael Berryman) lives.

Just as the drug dealers find the girls, an ancient evil is awakened inside the house by a mad man (Billy Blair) and chaos ensues. The house full of criminals must all work together in order to survive the night and make it to dawn…


ITN Distribution is handling worldwide release with details to follow.


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Cast and characters:

Michael Berryman … Forney
Erin Marie Garrett … Candice
Billy Blair
Guy Mayfield … Jovie
Paula Marcenaro Solinger
Fran Williams … (as Roxy Rebel)
Abel Berry
Justin P. Warren … Sheet Demon
Frederic Doss
Jamie Maxwell … Sheet Demon
James Furey
Nicole Hodges
Alan Rowe Kelly … Mordak, the witch
Marc Pearce … Clarence
Jennifer Stone

Filming locations:

Mount Vernon, Texas