VOLITION (2019) Reviews and overview

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‘What if you saw your own death?

Volition is a 2019 Canadian science-fiction thriller about a clairvoyant man who has a vision of his own murder so tries to change his fate.

Directed by Tony Dean Smith from a screenplay co-written with Ryan W. Smith, the movie stars Adrian Glynn McMorran, Magda Apanowicz, John Cassini and Frank Cassini.

Volition is a thinking person’s mystery/thriller that boasts extremely high production values and really good performances. It feels like a mix of Counter Clockwise and Paradox, and the pertinent themes keep the film grounded in as much of a reality as the story parameters allow. I love the cinematography, the soundtrack is interesting, and James makes for a hardy protagonist.” Adam the Movie God

“Tony Dean Smith expertly keeps many story plates spinning in order to combine the pace of the crime thriller in progress with the sci-fi mystery Volition reveals itself to be. When the fragmented pieces of truth he’s given you begin to fit together the cerebral slight of hand of the Smith brothers script come into their own a la Coherence or The Invitation.” Brit Flicks

Volition’s endgame focuses on engaging in rapid-fire entertainment, not being precious about its cleverness. Upon recognizing that fact, it becomes easy to simply go with the flow in order to enjoy the brisk runtime without slowing for exposition that wouldn’t make much material difference anyway.” Culture Crypt

“Director Tony Dean Smith, who co-wrote the sinewy screenplay with his brother Ryan W. Smith, helms the film with a confident hand and a keen sense of balancing puzzle pieces, thrills, and emotional investment. Volition blends maniacal mobsters and mad science in an intelligent, great-looking package. Make sure to put this one on your need-to-see list.” Ghastly Grinning

“The chemistry between McMorran and Apanowicz sizzles, making the pair seem all the more tangible as real people. All this combines to have the viewer willing them to overcome the difficulties laid out for them. A science-fiction film that has a lot to offer, Volition definitely encourages repeat viewings to fully appreciate all the intricacies and secrets buried within.” The Hollywood News

” …thrives not only on an enthralling, fast-paced narrative but also on the chemistry of its two stars, McMorran and Apanowicz, who you’re compelled to root for from the get-go […] With an attention-grabbing plot and all-round performances in the bag, Volition is a surefire 90 minutes of thrilling indie entertainment.” Horror DNA

“I won’t say anything else regarding the story, but the cast are all excellent and the different directions it goes in will keep you engaged from beginning to end. It’s only around 90 minutes long so it never drags and moves along at a rapid pace.” The Movie Elite

“Despite some familiar themes, Volition is a fantastic and original idea that is extremely well made for the screen. At times thought-provoking – would you lead your life differently if you knew it was all predetermined? – while managing to stay highly entertaining throughout.” Nerdly

” There is no fat in this script and the film wastes nothing in its 90 minutes run time. It’s real strength however lies with the top-notch cast lead by the extremely charismatic, award-winning Adrian Glynn McMorran.” The Scariest Things

“The great irony is that a film of this kind must be closely plotted (once you get your head around what is going on), but its characters come across as real and random in their interactions. That inscrutable interplay between tight scripting and apparent improvisation reflects the film’s central philosophical dilemma about free will.” SciFiNow

“I watched Volition in full the other day, and then rewatched extensive sequences again last night, and I still can’t quite crack the mystery at the heart of the story. This is a very intriguing indie thriller with good instincts to confound and compel. Maybe it’s just me, but I found portions of the narrative to be very confusing.” Screen Anarchy

“McMorran’s scruffy performance as a precognitive, two-bit con surprisingly works well as a leading man. A nice supporting cast that includes John and Frank Cassini and muscle Aleks Paunovic is perhaps led best by veteran actor Bill Marchant […] This no effects, sci-fi feature is built on its performances with a cast that comes through.” Without Your Head


The film premiered at the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival on 15 March 2019.


Volition has a limited theatrical, VOD and Digital release in the USA from July 10th 2020 via Giant Pictures.

Cast and characters:

Adrian Glynn McMorran … James
Magda Apanowicz … Angela
John Cassini … Ray
Frank Cassini … Sal
Aleks Paunovic … Terry
Bill Marchant … Elliot
Kimi Alexander … Boxing Sign Girl
Cecilly Day … Holla Girl
Darcy Hinds … Ramierez
HlfÅs … A-hole
Drummond Macdougall … Police Officer
Jenn MacLean-Angus … James’ Mother
Blu Mankuma … Mick
Jaden Oehr … Young James
Alexander Pfleger … Kid

Technical details:

91 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


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