BAD NUN: DEADLY VOWS (2020) Preview with first review


‘A world of unholy secrets’

Bad Nun: Deadly Vows is a 2020 British horror thriller feature film about a family that moves into a converted church and is terrorised. It is also known as The Bad Nun II, The Watcher 2 and Awakening the Nun.

The movie is a sequel to The Bad Nun (2018).

Produced, directed and edited by Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews, the Proportion Productions movie stars Sarah T. Cohen, Nicola Wright, Stephanie Lodge, Rob Kirtley, Simon Manley, Chelsea Greenwood, Ricardo Freitas and Becca Hirani (Mummy Reborn; Mother Krampus; Unhinged)


Catherine (Sarah T. Cohen) and her family recently moved into an old cottage. Upon moving in, they have been harassed by an unknown religious stalker, claiming them to be sinners.

Pamela (Nicola Wright), Catherine’s grandmother soon begins to reveal she has secrets hidden to the local church, and not all is as it seems.

Each night the Nun returns, and this time, she is looking to claim more than one soul…


” …Awakening the Nun avoids the ‘flatness’ of many similar low budget productions by concentrating on the actors rather than the English Country Cottage rental in which they are acting; good use is made of the countryside too, but I’m afraid that the ‘ghost’ nun, whose look is clearly borrowed from the infamous Armchair Thriller figure, is way too athletic to be spooky. Good fun though.” Dark Eyes of London


In the USA, ITN will release the film on DVD on August 18, 2020. Order via

Cast and characters:

Becca Hirani … Aesha Wadia
Chelsea Greenwood … Nancy
Sarah T. Cohen … Catherine Seers
Nicola Wright … Pamela Seers
Stephanie Lodge … Mandy Seers
Ricardo Freitas … Ted
Amanda-Jade Tyler … Police Telephone Operator (voice)
Kate Milner Evans … The Nun
Rob Kirtley … Priest Jon
Simon Manley … Mike
Bryson Dekker … Young Dan
Belle Chambers … Julie
Drew Penniall … Telephone Operator

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