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‘Monsters will rule!’

Demon Squad is a 2017 supernatural horror feature film directed by Thomas Smith (short: Night of the Krampus; The Night Shift, 2011) from a screenplay co-written with Erin Lilley. The Fighting Owl Films production stars the latter, alongside Khristian Fulmer and Leah Christine Johnson. Also known as Full Moon Inc. and Night Hunters


Nick Moon, P.I. (Paranormal Investigator), would be nursing a hangover if not for his beautiful new client: the heiress Lilah Fontaine.

Instead, with the help of his office manager and empath-in-training, Daisy O’Reilly, Moon delves into a hidden world of monsters and creatures of the night as he takes on a case to retrieve an ancient artefact with astonishing power…


“Some of the acting is a little rough at times but I think that this adds to the movies charm. Demon Squad is funny, has likable characters, and a solid plot. The story builds momentum quickly but is easy to follow.” Crypt Teaze

“For the budgetary constraints, the costume and makeup design are very good, as are the special effects. The lighting and sound aren’t the best, but it’s not enough of a distraction to lodge too many complaints. The film is well written and funny. Fulmer, Lilley, and Johnson are all quite good.” Film Threat

Demon Squad’s story and lore are fun. The range of characters is dynamic and the effects are very impressive or, in the least, palatable for an indie film. Perhaps I’m easy to amuse but I love the way the stitchers get around the most. The bulk of the acting is very good!” Fitz of Horror

“A few of the performances are great, particularly Khristian Fulmer’s Nick Moon and his very likable sidekick, Daisy O’Reilly (Erin Lilley). Fans looking for a graphic horror film with buckets of gore and grue may not find much to enjoy here, but if you’re looking for a comic book-style detective story with magic and demons, this one is definitely worth a look.” Horror Geek Life

“While the demons are not scary in the Evil Dead or Italian horror kind of way, they are still interesting as villains, and the make-up tends to be cartoonish rather than frightful, but not in any negative way; rather it’s kinda cool. The make-up is appliance-based, but there are also numerous digital effects as well […] what makes this film so much fun is that it’s story-based rather than the plot revolving around wounds.” Indie Horror Films

“This flick has heart (some of it in a bucket on a mad scientist’s floor), world-building (they like Rick James in one of the local monster bars) and oh yeah, some slime flying and a dead butler getting tossed off a balcony, all on a limited budget. Give Demon Squad three stars — half-star deduction because of the absence of garbonzas…” Joe Bob Briggs

Demon Squad puts a clever twist on familiar private eye scenarios, giving both Moon and Daisy some supernatural abilities and having them interact with various strange beings. You may have seen an investigator shakedown a pimp before, but have you seen it done where the pimp has green skin and tusks?” Life Between Frames

Visually Stunning Podcast review

Demon Squad is pretty much a PG-13 or even PG level film, so those looking for the red stuff will be disappointed. Indeed those looking for a serious horror film will probably be unhappy as well. This is an enjoyable, lighthearted take on a couple of genres that are popular with movie geeks.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Khristian Fulmer … Nick Moon
Erin Lilley … Daisy O’Reilly
Leah Christine Johnson … Lilah Fontaine
Martin Ross Henne … Skeeter
Monica Ganoe … Gil
Eric C. Schmitz … The Stranger
Kelly Houk … Blondie
Amir Zandi …Detective Bert Fortier
Alton Landry … Moses
Nathan O’Neil Smith … Monster Doc
Michael Santini … Frankendemon
Isabella Alberti … Club Creature
Bennett Wayne Dean Sr. … Edwin
Talaine Lyle … Dancer Demon
Charles Ragas … Large Demon

Filming locations:

Mobile, Alabama

Technical details:

97 minutes


Full film free to watch online:

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