USELESS HUMANS (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘Humanity’s last hope is completely hopeless.’
Useless Humans is a 2020 American science-fiction comedy horror feature film about a reunion in a cabin in the woods that is gatecrashed by an alien.

Directed by Stephen Ohl – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written with Travis Betz, George Caine, Kevin Hamedani and Ryan Scaringe, the Kinogo Pictures production stars George Caine, aforementioned Stephen Ohl, Kevin Hamedani and Travis Betz. Jon Bloch, Amy Lippens and Ryan Scaringe produced.

A thirtieth birthday — and the survival of mankind — are left hanging in the balance after a mysterious creature crashes the party, forcing four childhood friends to save the night…

” …regularly finds time for uninspired tangents and too often substitutes over-the-top histrionics for comedic tension and pop culture references for genuine cleverness, all while occasionally bringing the proceedings to a screeching halt in order to meditate on intricate plot details that are, frankly, uninvolving.” Battleship Pretension

” …the film misses the mark on delivering the comedic timing, surprising moments, and any sense of believability that we as a viewer are being whisked into a “science-fiction world.” It plays as a student project trying to make the class laugh (and only the class), with what seems like a lot of inside jokes that do not seem as if they were tested on a target audience.” Film Festival Today

“Every aspect of Useless Humans aims to affectionately recall films of the past while maintaining a perfectly modern tone with its comedy, twists, and characters […] Stephen Ohl set out to capture a bygone era of genre film and achieves this in a film that thrives in its visual style, comedic sensibility, and adoration of all things sci-fi and horror.” Film Inquiry

” …the ensemble cast assembled for this silly sci-fi fracas is top-notch; they’re funny, engaging, and they get you to care about their plight… which is good considering the craziness of their sitch! Speaking of said situation; the concept of an alien ending up at a party is solid horror-comedy gold…” Horror Fuel

“There are a lot of funny moments in Useless Humans that read like a cheeky TV sitcom, especially between Zuckerman and Williams, and Ohl gets points for the incredibly diverse and funny cast.” View from the Dark

Useless Humans was released by Quiver Distribution on Digital and VOD on July 14th 2020.

Choice dialogue:
Brian Skaggs (Josh Zuckerman): “Well, my dick continues to be dry and lonely.”
Louis (Rushi Kota): “Getting old sucks! Hydration has become very important now.”

Cast and characters:
Josh Zuckerman … Brian Skaggs
Rushi Kota … Louis
Davida Williams … Jess
Luke Youngblood … Alex
James Croak … Alien
Tim DeZarn … Duke
Edy Ganem … Chum
Dan Gilbert … Alien Puppeteer
Maya Kazan … Wendy
Joey Kern … Zachary
Angel Ladao … Police Officer
Kevin Michael Martin … Danny
Iqbal Theba … Kenneth

Technical details:
77 minutes

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