WRECK aka IN THE WOODS (2020) Review and now free to watch online


‘From the producers of Dragon Kingdom and 12 Deaths of Christmas’

Wreck is a 2020 British film about a young woman who is involved in a car accident and becomes trapped in fear of something in the woods. Also known as In the Woods

Written and directed by Ben Patterson, the Kerchak Films-Evil Pug Productions movie stars Ben Loyd-Holmes (Dragon Kingdom; Carnivore: Werewolf of London; Knights of the Damned), Matt Hemmings, producer Tony Manders (The Young Cannibals; The House on Elm Lake; Fox Trap; et al) and John Fisher.


While transporting an important package, a young woman is involved in a car accident in the middle of nowhere leaving her trapped under the car. She slowly starts to realise that not only are some very bad men tracking her down wanting to retrieve the item she is transporting but something very dangerous is hunting her from deep within the woods…


“The creature, who looks like a gone off Bungle from Rainbow and then an angry Banana Split after it’s been singed […] may not be very good, and Sandy’s threat remains pretty unconvincing, but the film’s merge of creature feature, survival movie and crime caper was actually quite entertaining, with some inventive DIY gore and, at 70 minutes, just long enough.” Dark Eyes of London

“A directorial fixation with close-ups of foliage becoming unintentionally funny after a while. Wreck also gives Louisa Warren a run for her money when it comes to the amount of aerial shots of woodlands that can be crammed into the one movie […] Trust me, rarely has a character been more justified in uttering “what the f*ck” than the heroine, when she claps eyes on the sort-of-Bigfoot creature in this film.” Gavcrimson


Cast and characters:

Ben Loyd-Holmes … West
Matt Hemmings … Businessman
Tony Manders … Hiker
John Fisher … Man in the forecourt
Ryan Gilks … Jimmy Lewis
Delia Rose … Girl in the club
Gemma Harlow Dean … Sandy Corman
Ashley Robson … Davis
Charles Clarke-Devonald … Creature
Tyler Perkins … Soldier
Paul Smith … Soldier
Helen Ackrill … Jill
Bob Still … Creature and soldier
Sarah Cousens … Wilson
Iain Hicken … Chris

Technical details:

69 minutes

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