Two Heads Creek (2019) reviews and overview

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‘In the Outback family can be deadly’

Two Heads Creek is a 2019 AustralianBritish comedy horror feature film about two British siblings who travel to Australia and are terrorised by locals.

Directed by Jesse O’Brien (Arrowhead aka Alien Arrival) from a screenplay written by Jordan Waller (who also stars), the Hummingbird Films-Dicentium Films production also stars Kerry Armstrong, Kathryn Wilder and Gary Sweet.


A timid butcher and his actress twin sister of seemingly Polish descent quit the overtly racist confines of post-Brexit Britain and adventure to Australia in search of their birth mother. However, the seemingly tolerant townsfolk are hiding a dark, meaty secret…


The Horror Collective will release Two Heads Creek in the USA on VOD and On-Demand on June 23rd 2020.

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Two Heads Creek attempts to make some points about racism and nationalism, white Australian colonialism and Eurocentric cultural leanings, but it never lands as solidly as it should, though at times it comes close. Partly it’s just a little on the nose, and partly because having a busload of Asian tourists on hand as cannon fodder and not doing anything to humanise any of them is simply undercutting your intent to a terminal degree.” The Curb

Two Heads Creek might not have anything of real substance to say about the immigration debate in both Australia and the U.K, but grounding the film around these topics helps it stand out against other similar films using the same horror tropes and it’s a lot of fun to watch.” Explosion Network

” …a witty, hilarious take on Ocker culture and Australia’s immigration policy that employs an outsider’s point of view (courtesy of Jordan Waller’s intelligently observed screenplay) to show us ourselves as we would perhaps rather not be seen […] The whip-smart writing and comedic timing make Two Heads Creek a hilarious crowd-pleaser.” Glen O’Brien

Two Heads Creek is horror-comedy done right. I could definitely see it gathering a cult following and joining the ranks of movies like Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Two Heads Creek is bloody clever. It’s a great side-splitting gorefest, that needs to be seen…” Horror Fuel

“Even with its repetitive and sometimes unneeded carnage, it still excels at presenting a tale about humanity and how we need to get over our differences and focus on something more powerful. It’s also a tribute to the importance of family and, although this family is by no means normal, there is something cathartic about seeing the kids search for their true birth mother while bonding with each other.” Killer Horror Critic

“Despite the seemingly heavy message, the film is a complete blast. The incredible performances from the cast weave in with a clever story and flawless direction from director Jesse O’Brien steering the ship delivering one of the best films to come out this year.” Nova Stream

“An alright horror comedy that has some good, funny moments, but overall, it lacks the charm that you’d hope for. I had a decent enough time watching it, but I couldn’t help wanting more from the film once it was over. I do think that some horror comedy fans will find something to enjoy here…” Tim McClelland

“Waller intended Two Heads Creek as a comment on Australia’s and, to a degree the UK’s, current issues with immigration and xenophobia. And it does that, with humour as pointed as the knives the characters wield. And he does it without changing the tone of that humour to make his points. It stays as dark, bloody and non PC as the rest of the film.” Voices from the Balcony

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Choice dialogue:

So, it’s an unpaid student film. And you want me to get a tit out? I’ll think about it.”

“Nothing worse than extended family.”

‘You’re like Rolf Harris, have you no shame?”

“It’s only a flesh wound. I’ve had shits done more damage.”

“I’ve had tapeworms bigger than those arms, mate.”

Cast and characters:

• Kerry Armstrong … Mary
• Kathryn Wilder … Annabelle
• Gary Sweet … Hans
• Jordan Waller … Norman
• Stephen Hunter … Clive
• Don Bridges … Uncle Morris
• Helen Dallimore … Apple
• Kevin Harrington … Noah
• David Adlam … Eric
• Anna Tolputt … Roksana
• Kasha Bajor … Agata
• Danxia Yang … Wendy
• Gregory J. Fryer … Apari
• Elizabeth Xu … Tourist
• Madelaine Nunn … Daisy

Filming locations:

Queensland, Australia

Technical details:

• 85 minutes
• Aspect ratio:  2.35: 1

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