BELZEBUTH (2017) Reviews and overview

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Belzebuth is a 2017 Mexican supernatural horror film directed by Emilio Portes (Pastorela) from a screenplay co-written with Luis Carlos Fuentes. It features a dual English and Spanish soundtrack. 

The movie stars Tobin Bell (Dark HouseSaw and sequels; Buried Alive), Joaquin Cosio (The Strain), Tate Ellington (Sinister 2; The Walking DeadRed Hook), Giovanna Zacarías, José Sefami, Enoc Leaño, Aida López, Alondra Benitez, Yunuen Pardo, Norma Angélica, Mercedes Hernández and Damaris Rubio.


On the Mexican-United States border, a group of renegade priests are slaughtering innocent children to clear a path for the arrival of the Antichrist…


Belzebuth will be released by RLJE Films on VOD, Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray on July 7, 2020.


“I enjoyed Belzebuth a lot and give it an excellent four out of five stars. It had the complete horror trifecta – plot, atmosphere and good acting plus it was genuinely creepy and scary in parts.” Addicted to Media

“There will be people who find the film’s premise too distasteful. There will be people who dismiss this film as yet another run-of-the-mill possession movie. However, Belzebuth is a fresh take on an old subgenre and uses its violence in a way that doesn’t feel like an attack on the viewer.” Bloody Disgusting

“While patience and restraint were virtues early and Portes shows serious skill in creating mood, bombast and tedium derail the action in the final act, making the film feel every second of its 114 minutes. Much of the climax takes place in a poorly lit tunnel…” Film Pulse

” …the faster things go, the crazier they get, the less questions asked. And before you know it, the film has turned from the investigative dread inspired by a Seven–like terror on the loose, into a thrilling (if sometimes clumsy) escape from an unstoppable force bent on finding and killing the one hope for mankind’s future.” Goomba Stomp Sordid Cinema

“The first act’s psychologically sinister goings-on are so compelling that it’s almost unfortunate when the gears shift into full-on demon flick, complete with glowing eyes and modulated voices; I say almost because Portes (who co-wrote the script with Luis Carlos Fuentes) delivers the goods in this arena as well.” Horror 101

“Despite it being front-loaded and a bit too muddled in places, Belzebuth is well worth your time, especially if you’re after a horror movie that uses a number of familiar elements and tropes in ways that make them feel slightly different. It’s just a shame that it cannot maintain the momentum it gathers during that amazing first act.” For It Is Man’s Number

“Frankly, this film is terrifying. The public atrocities it depicts might be too much for some viewers, especially in light of real-life tragedies, but the tone is never exploitative. Instead, it considers issues of good and evil with all due seriousness and urgency.” J.B. Spins

“It features a great cast, impressive special effects, an entertaining twist on what we’ve come to expect from our supernatural movies, and one Hell of a culminating exorcism that you won’t want to miss out on.” Repulsive Reviews

“There are some effective moments in the climax typical of exorcism movies, with the variant of being located in a narco-tunnel between Mexico and the United States, as well as supposedly terrifying moments that are more laughable than several gags from El crimen del Cácaro Gumaro (that talking Christ figure!)” Screen Anarchy

“A mix of elements from the likes of Seven, The X-Files and Deliver Us From Evil, Belzebuth starts out as a fairly straight, if horrific police thriller. The supernatural elements start to creep in and by the halfway mark it’s firmly in the horror genre. It works up some creepy atmosphere and jump scares.” Voices from the Balcony

Filming locations:

Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

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