DWELLERS: THE CURSE OF PASTOR STOKES (2020) reviews and overview

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‘When you exorcise your demons, where do they go?’

Dwellers: The Curse of Pastor Stokes is a 2020 American horror feature film about a minister whose congregation are attacked by demons.

Written, co-produced and directed by DeShon Hardy (A Message from Brianna; The Lake on Clinton Road), the movie stars Sean A Kaufman, Stan J. Adams, Alan Bendich and Tina Krause (Scars of a Predator; Camp Blood 666; She Wolf Rising). Also produced by Aram Bauman (cinematographer, editor) and Mike Hechanova.


When Pastor Johnathan Stokes inherits a church from his mentor, Bishop Taylor, a puzzle of dark secrets are revealed. Members of his congregation come to him for help after experiencing violent paranormal attacks and becoming possessed. If he doesn’t quickly solve the puzzle, lives will be lost, including his own…


“If it had been similarly focused on what kind of film it wanted to be, Dwellers could have been an impressive film. Instead, it’s enjoyable and certainly worth a watch, but ultimately forgettable one that isn’t sure if it wants to go for scares or be an action/horror film.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Sean A Kaufman … Pastor Jonathan Stokes
Stan J. Adams … Ali
Alan Bendich … Bishop Taylor
Tina Krause … Jaclyn
Mickey Deymon … Sophia
Caitlin Clark … Trisha
Brittany Beckett … Britny
Cali Lyn Brown … Holly
Travis Whitaker … Travis
Stacey Giambastiani … Possessed woman
Tina Jetter … Alexis
Juliana Castillo … Demonic girl
Jessica Francis … Dr Roberts
Matti Caffiero … Demonic girl
Gabriella Horbal … Young Jaclyn
Carrie Plumley-Jones … Evelyn
Tiffany Browne-Tavarez … Nurse

Technical details:

93 minutes

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