KONGA TNT (2020) Reviews and now with first trailer


‘The beast is back’

Konga TNT is a 2020 American horror monster feature film about a giant gorilla attacking a city that is then defended by military aircraft.

Directed and edited by Brett Kelly (Ouija Shark; Countrycide; Raiders of the Lost Shark; Ghastlies; Attack of the Giant Leeches) from a screenplay written by Trevor Payer (Homicycle; My Fair Zombie; Revenge of the Black Cat) based on a story by Kelly.

The Gary Chance Films production stars Jennie Russo (She Kills), Chad Walls (Homicycle), Ian Quick (Hell at My Heels), Seb Godin (Lycanimator), Steve Kasan (Necropolis: Legion), John Migliore (Exorcism of the Dead), aforementioned Trevor Payer (My Fair Zombie) and Tomb Dragomir (Ghastlies).


“The storyline was just so unappealing that it was a literal struggle to keep watching the movie. And as for this movie being labeled comedy? Well, sure, why not? Although I didn’t laugh once, nor did I even smirk. This was just atrocious […] The CGI effects looked like discarded 1990s computer graphics that were deemed too bad to be put into computer games back in the 1990s.” Paul Haakonsen

“Considering how many films he’s made there must be an audience for Brett Kelly’s films. But I suspect even they will be disappointed by Konga TNT. It’s so bad I’m tempted to add another star to his last film, Ouija Shark’s, rating because this makes it look that much better. Maybe if I was a kid, or seriously wasted, I might have found this funny, but somehow I doubt it.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Released in the USA by SRS Cinema on DVD and On-Demand on March 16th 2021. The DVD includes Director’s Commentary, Trailer, Music Video.


The movie was made during pandemic lockdown using clips from friends, fans, stock footage and footage Brett shot himself. Special effects by Survival Zombies FX.

Although this movie is seemingly very loosely based on the Konga comic published by Charlton Comics, the obvious title inspiration is the 1961 trash classic movie Konga which stars Michael Gough.

Cast and characters:

John Migliore … General Mills / Konga
Chance Kelly … Chance
Grayson Kelly … Grayson
Sébastien Godin … (voice)
Steve Kasan … Dave
Ellen Mildred … Megan Bacon
Trevor Payer … Major Bummier
Jordan Randall … Phone Guy
Jennie Russo … Fay Wray type blonde
Simon Wheeldon … Hunter
Atcharapan Wiesner … Park People (as Anni Wiesner)
René Wiesner … Park People (as Rene Wiesner)


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