DEAD STOP (2011) Reviews and overview

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Dead Stop is a 2011 American horror feature film about seven young people hunted in the desert by a vicious creature after their van breaks down.

Produced and directed by Jonas Stolpe – making his feature debut – from a screenplay written by Josh Jacobs, the Dirty Little Films production stars Cathy Baron (Killer Cove; Planet Terror), Jon Briddell (Killer Cheerleader; Beacon Point; 11/11/11; Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels), Sarah Flannery and Devin Leigh.


The desert can be an unforgiving place. By day the temperatures soar past the century mark, hot enough to drop a person in their tracks, and by night they plummet low enough to freeze the life out of them. It is filled with wildlife, feral and deadly. It is not a place where you want to get lost.

Unfortunately, Todd and Josh and their friends have done exactly that. On their way to a ski trip, the group of teens and the pair of hitchhikers they’ve picked up have taken a wrong turn and find themselves miles from anything resembling civilisation. It’s often said that the snakes, scorpions, coyotes, spiders and all that live in the desert are more afraid of humans than the humans are of them.

Unfortunately, in this case, there is a good reason for these people to be more than just scared. In this particular stretch of the California desert, there’s one wild creature that does not fear man. A very large and fierce creature that craves their flesh. It’s strong. It’s primal. It’s relentless. And it’s hungry…


“This film makes good use of the Wolfen style POV shots of the monster bounding after them in the arid landscape. The filmmakers have a good eye for locale and did a great job of suggesting terror without really showing much of the creature. Some audiences won’t like the fact that a clear shot of the creature isn’t in this film, but Dead Stop is full of subtle terrors and has an ending both haunting and satisfying.” Ain’t It Cool News

“This was a soap opera in the desert. People sleeping with the wrong other people. People ratting them out. People fighting. People professing their love. Then breaking up. Finally, the monster (aka red lens) shows up and starts tearing people apart, in a fairly bloody way, and the movie gets rolling..” Maskull


Dead Stop is available to view free for Amazon Prime members.

Cast and characters:

Cathy Baron … Beth
Jon Briddell … Joe
Sarah Flannery … Carolyn
Devin Leigh … Peter
Nikki McKenzie … Sarah
Brian Ramian … Josh
Nikolai Stolpe … Truck Driver
Michael Rupnow … Todd
Brittney Krasts … Dead Body #1
Erin Campbell … Dead Body #2
Nate Wayman … Dead Body #3

Filming locations:

Cougar Hill Ranch, Littlerock, California

Technical details:

82 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78: 1

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