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‘An ass to die for’

Slaxx is a 2020 Canadian comedy horror feature film about a pair of possessed pair jeans killing the staff and customers in a trendy clothing store. It is up to Libby, an idealistic young salesclerk, to stop the jeans’ bloody rampage.

Directed by Elza Kephart (Graveyard Alive) from a screenplay co-written with Patricia Gomez, the EMA Films-Entertainment Squad production stars Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bhojani and Kenny Wong. It was produced by Patricia Gomez and Anne-Marie Gélinas (Turbo Kid).

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Whilst films of this sort can be fun, they usually have a single idea, throwaway characters and nothing to sustain the pace but weak jokes and gore. Prepare to be surprised. Slaxx delivers on the puns and the ridiculous kills, but it’s a consistently smart, well-structured film with well-drawn characters, superb performances and a serious point to make.” Eye for Film

“Lots of potential here, but I don’t feel like it quite lives up to it. It’s mean-spirited and makes a weak attempt at social commentary that doesn’t really land, and the “explanation” for everything makes the behavior of the pants even more puzzling the more you think about it. The biggest problem for me though was the pacing – it’s only 77 minutes long, but it feels much longer.” Frostbeard

“As the film progresses, you may find yourself wanting a pair of your very own; I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with a pair of jeans that bops along to a Bollywood classic? It’s been a while since we had a truly batty slasher idea, and Slaxx is certainly a premise that’s hard to beat. The film suffers from some pacing issues, but the first half at least is ferociously fun.” The Hollywood News

” …those pants really are vicious (their embroidered pocket placed logo is a modified S.S. insignia for f*ck’s sake), and they are brought to life convincingly enough (they have an amazing amount of personality in their animation, and that tragic backstory that they are saddled with does a good job eliciting audience sympathies)… but the thing that really impressed me was the buckets o’ gore tossed around the place with wild abandon.” Horror Fuel


” …the entire explanation for why that pair of jeans is the way it is might be considered cheesy by some but I appreciated its message nonetheless. While Slaxx is overall very fun to watch (some of the deaths were great), it also critiques how capitalism is considered more important than people’s lives.” Karen Wan

Slaxx is a highly entertaining and gory horror-comedy that also works as a satire of big-box clothing stores and the capitalist desire to sell the next hot item […] Slaxx also offers some social commentary about where our clothes come from, as we come to learn that CCC’s stock isn’t as organic, GMO-free, fair-trade, sweatshop-free, and ethically sourced as they promote to the public.” Sean Kelly on Movies


Slaxx will have its world premiere at Fantasia in August 2020 followed by a wide theatrical release across Canada, its country of origin, on September 11, 2020. It has been announced that AMC Networks has acquired Slaxx for streaming on Shudder.

Cast and characters:

Romane Denis … Libby McClean
Brett Donahue … Craig
Sehar Bhojani … Shruti
Kenny Wong … Lord
Tianna Nori … Barb Lubotski
Erica Anderson … Peyton Jules
Stephen Bogaert … Harold Landsgrove
Jonathan Emond … Camilo
Hanneke Talbot … Jemma
Jessica B. Hill … Hunter
Amanda Chiu … Young Greeter
Aris Tyros … Cashier
Pritha Mazumdar … Keerat

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