Wood Witch: The Awakening (2015) preview with trailer

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‘Her spell will take you to Hell’

Wood Witch: The Awakening is a 2015 American found-footage horror feature film about two couples stumble onto a local urban legend. Unfortunately, their camping trip turns into a nightmare when they discover they have inadvertently awoken a sleeping demon.

Written, co-produced and directed by Courtney G. Jones (Crossed Lines), the Pod Intermedia-Under The Wire Productions movie stars Ted Dowling (Grimm; Z Nation), Shannon Dowling (Ingress), Sydney Mitchell and Cameron Walsworth. Matt Berlin and Sarah N. Jones were co-producers.


Wood Witch: The Awakening was released on Amazon Prime USA in July 2020.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” … your typical bad found footage film. Maybe not Hinsdale House or Missing in Greenwood bad, but still not good, Granted at times the plot of Wood Witch: The Awakening gets so absurd and the creature is so goofy looking that I wondered if it was supposed to be a spoof of these films. But if it is, the film is still a failure because it isn’t funny either.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

• Ted Dowling … Allen Parker
• Shannon Dowling … Margot Parker
• Sydney Mitchell … Cari Johansson
• Cameron Walsworth … Jon Warner
• Sarah N. Jones … Helvede / Interviewer (voice)
• Bradley H. Tatum … Chris Erickson
• Juliana Azcarate … Arianna Parker
• Tim Tully … Mr Kensington

Filming locations:

Bainbridge Island, Washington

Alternate title:

Careful What You Witch For

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