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Return to Splatter Farm is a 2020 American horror feature film and a very belated sequel to the 1987 shot-on-video movie Splatter Farm.

Directed by Mark Polonia and Jeff Kirkendall from a screenplay written by the latter the Polonia Brothers Entertainment production stars Danielle Donahue, Nico Bryant, Mel Heflin and Marie DeLorenzo. Produced by Jeff Kirkendall and Mark Polonia.

Plot synopsis:
Thirty years after the infamous ‘Death Farm’ murders in rural Pennsylvania, serial killing is in season once more. A young woman and her friends descend upon the farm to party after discovering that she has inherited the land. But soon after, the strange occurrences and brutal murders begin again…

Director Mark Polonia (Amityville Island; Sharkenstein; Bigfoot vs. Zombies; Feeders; et al) has commented:

“It took thirty-three years to return to the farm, but it was worth the wait. This is a film that honours the original classic and my brother John and Todd’s vision while moving the story and surviving Jeremy into the 21st century.”

“This sets up the teens — and some older people, as well — and before you know it, the kills come quickly. There’s enough gore — both digital and practical — to keep the bloodthirsty happy. This doesn’t break any new ground, but it moves quickly and delivers what it promises.” B&S About Movies

“From the moment we see the first two characters step on the screen with their over-dramatic reactions and cringeworthy dialogue you are quite aware of how the rest of the film is going to go. The cast are not particularly likeable, which can be typical for most slasher films, so you are more than ecstatic to see them get picked off one by one, even if the kills look like they are straight out of a local haunted attraction.” Cryptic Rock

“With so many films made in the interim, one would hope Polonia would pick up a trick or two. Still, Polonia maintains that no budget quality that his films had all those years ago. I have to give it to Polonia. He makes film. Not necessarily good ones. But I was never un-entertained by Return to Splatter Farm.” ML Miller Writes

” …at just seventy-one minutes running time Return to Splatter Farm still manages to run out of steam, flatlining when it should really be peaking. This is a shame as its otherwise crammed full of killings that are both gleefully gory and imaginative and the film’s cast are refreshingly (for a slasher flick) agreeable.” My Bloody Reviews

“The idea to change up the formula to a more generic slasher-like affair actually works in the film’s favour; as is the decision to treat everything with complete seriousness, letting the camp nature of the film comes out naturally rather than forcing it. The fact that Return to Splatter Farm is a more serious film also means, for me, that it’s one of Mark Polonia’s best films.” Nerdly

” …the film has all the right parts in the right places, from gruesome murders to the occasional set of bare boobies, wild chases and bits of comedy (that thankfully stays away from all post-modern humour), a menacing killer and some lovely ladies, all rolled into a very unpretentious pack that might not be after everyone’s taste but that’s sure to highly entertain its target audience.” Search My Trash

” …if you’re a fan of the original and are also into low budget modern throwback slashers […] you will definitely enjoy the hell out of Return To Splatter Farm! Definitely, a fun and gory as hell movie and I wasn’t disappointed!” SOV Horror

“There isn’t much of a plot to speak of, but there are some mild pleasures in the cheap gore and unexpected humor. Reeks of amateurishness, which is all part of the Z-grade charm.” Splatter Critic

“By the time Return to Splatter Farm segues from its Texas-Chainsaw-tribute final shot into its metal ska theme song, Polonia, Kirkendall, and Co. have given delivered a fun, messy horror nugget. They prove that a film can do just fine on a few pints of splattered blood, perhaps a bit of naughtiness, and a ton of heart, soul, and some ramen brains.” Without Your Head

Wild Eye Releasing released Return to Splatter Farm on Digital and DVD on November 10th 2020.

Cast and characters:
Danielle Donahue … Bobbi
Nico Bryant … Brad
Mel Heflin … Liz
Marie DeLorenzo … Daphne
James Kelly … Gopher
Jeff Kirkendall … Jeremy
Christopher Beacom … Camper #2
Tony Brown … Murder victim
James Carolus … Josh
Maria Davis … Murder victim
Tim Hatch … Deputy Langly
Titus Himmelberger … Cliff
Frank Humes … Murder victim
Jade Michael LaFont … Murder victim
Jamie Morgan … Penny
Corey Nevills … Alan
Drew Patrick … Rod
Kyle Rappaport … Camper #1
Jennie Russo … Gina
Paul Turano … Joseph
Ken Van Sant … Sheriff Jordan
Kathryn Sue Young … Store clerk
Laura Young … Store clerk

Technical details:
1 hour 11 minutes

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