A DEADLY LEGEND (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘No life will be spared’

A Deadly Legend is a 2020 American horror feature film about a developer that buys an old property that was built over the mythical Stonehenge of America.

Directed by Pamela Moriarty – making her feature debut – from a screenplay written by Eric Wolf, the REMcycle Productions movie stars Lori Petty, Corbin Bernsen, Judd Hirsch and Jeffrey Doornbos.


Joan Huntar (Kristen Anne Ferraro), a real estate developer, buys an old summer camp. However, the property has a dark history of supernatural worship and human sacrifice. A celebration weekend turns deadly when construction uncovers the mythical Stonehenge of America.

Vengeful spirits are awakened and kill to gain control of this supernatural gateway. Unable to escape, Joan and her family must fight for survival and defeat the spirits from beyond…


Gore is plentiful, but there are no effective jump scares. Ultimately, A Deadly Legend feels like it’s bitten off more than it can chew. However, when too many horror movies seem like they’ve got no original notions at all, it’s good to see one that makes an effort on that score.” Assignment X

“While not as polished as what you might expect from a large studio; it is incredibly well acted, produced and directed for an independent film. This is a film that I would purchase to watch again and again. There are rough edges, most notably the soundtrack and some of the digital work, but nothing so rough that it takes away from your enjoyment of the film.” Comic Crusaders

“While I laughed out loud a lot, there were some genuinely creepy parts and some nice jump scares. While the acting could be a bit uneven, the movie developed most of the characters enough to care about them as they were killed (which is essential for a scary movie). Kudos to writer Eric Wolf (who also plays a pretty major role in the movie) for coming up with inventive ways to kill people off.” The Convention Collective

“For the most part, the film feels rather threadbare, even in regards to the set pieces that are intended to bring about the big scares. A Deadly Legend is not an especially impressive horror movie, but it is entertaining in all of its absurd messiness.” Disappointment Media

“The characters are over the top and corny in their delivery of lines, the cinematography and editing scream student-film quality, and the production value is a complete turnoff, from the smallest details of makeup and visual effects all the way down to the location department’s feeble attempts to find the settings needed to make this film possible.” Film Festival Today

“Lori Petty chews the ever-loving sh*t out of every piece of scenery she gets her teeth on. The padding in the script to get to feature-length is dopey and nonsensical, but fun. The story makes little to no sense but I applauded the ambition. And I always think it’s cool if/when young actors have a chance to work with seasoned veterans like Corbin Bernsen.” Movie Jawn

“Director Pamela Moriarty and scriptwriter Eric Wolf have put together a wildly implausible but genuinely amusing film. A Deadly Legend works in ghosts, curses, witches, druids, zombies and even Stonehenge […] A Deadly Legend never sits still long enough to let you realize how preposterous the plot is. It goes from incident to incident with enough confidence and energy to keep the viewer following along.” Voices from the Balcony


A Deadly Legend was released on VOD and Digital in the USA on July 10th 2020 by Gravitas Ventures.

Cast and characters:

Lori Petty … Wanda Pearson
Corbin Bernsen … Matthias Leary
Judd Hirsch … Carl Turner
Jeffrey Doornbos … Robert Huntar
Steven Hauck … Chairman
Kristen Anne Ferraro … Joan Huntar
Summer Crockett Moore … Tina Jones
Wayne Pyle … Gabriel
Dwayne A. Thomas … Sam Jones
John Pope … Connor Huntar
Alan Pontes … Derek Martinez
Jean Tree … Eva Chan / Chain Witch
Neil Samuels … Cleric
Ariel de Ment … 1700s Settler
Eric Wolf … Mike Renfield


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