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‘Get ready to rumble.’

Boa vs Python is a 2004 comedy action horror feature film about a giant boa constrictor snake sent to kill a genetically-altered python.

Directed by David Flores (Lake Placid 2) from a screenplay co-written by Chase Parker (Beyond Sherwood Forest; Reign of the Gargoyles; Basilisk: The Serpent King) and Sam Wells (Phantom Force; Dragon Storm; Shark Hunter), the Unified Film Organization (UFO) production stars David Hewlett (The Shape of Water; Haunter; Rage of the Yeti), Jaime Bergman (DarkWolf; Soulkeeper), Kirk B.R. Woller (Resident Evil: Extinction; Dead & Deader; S.S. Doomtrooper) and Adamo Palladino (The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond).


“One thing I dig about this film is its strange concept of reality. They constantly refer to snakes as the “most cunning” of hunters, when they really aren’t. The rich guy, as I mentioned above, has marble pillars installed in his plane, along with a ceramic bathtub. His girlfriend is afraid of snakes but has one tattooed on her body.” Direct to Video Connoisseur

“While the plot may be completely silly, the dialogue is outrageous and has some amazing one-liners like “its big… big is good”, or ”There is a gigantic leap from dogs and seals to a boa”, or my favourite, ”I say, we either go after the python and the boa, without any radio or support of any kind, or we get the hell out of here. Your call, doc.” DVD Beaver

” …some imaginative set pieces that draw on the best of the monster movie tradition, with a bit of pantomime thrown in […] Far from a good film, this is nonetheless an entertaining one that slithers along at a healthy pace and delivers where it counts.” Eye for Film

“There’s other stuff in Boa vs. Python, that doesn’t include a Boa vs. a Python, that make it slightly above its other Bulgarian based Sci-Fi original brethren, but we have no time for that.  If you have to watch a movie that’s called Boa vs. Python, lacking Boas vs. Pythons, but filled with other stuff… here it is.” Film Critics United

Boa vs Python is a film that travels into really, really bad movie stakes. Director (and former editor) David Flores turns everything into ridiculous posturing – like the scenes of Adam Kendrick tearing off his shirt to attack the snake or lighting his cigar with a flamethrower while commenting “You boys like your meat extra crispy?” Moria

” …Boa vs. Python shouldn’t be watched if you are hoping for some exciting creature feature or snake on snake action. But if you enjoy bad movies then give it a go because there is so much corniness and cheese that Boa vs. Python feels like it has been written to be intentionally bad and as such succeeds.” The Movie Scene

” …if you’re a die-hard fan of giant-animals-killing-humans movies then you should probably at least view this one, just for the satisfaction of seeing the snakes kill a few choice people. If, on the other hand, you expect even your B-movies to have good plots, fine acting, and avoid referring to female characters as “tasty biscuits,” then you won’t like this one a bit. It’s pretty good for a B-movie, which is all it tries to be.” Need Coffee

“Considering we have two snakes, I expect twice as much footage as I would if we only had one snake. Even snake versus human action is lacking and quite a few kills either happen off-screen or you just see someone getting dragged away before they’re finished off. What happened to cheap CGI effects showing us the CGI monsters ripping off the heads of their victims?” Popcorn Pictures

“The movie’s obviously low budget has evidently forced director David Flores to emphasize the stock human characters over the two titular beasts, a decision that’s bound to leave viewers disappointed (let’s face it, about the only thing one demands out of a film like this is a lot of violence – something Boa vs. Python just cannot deliver).” Reel Film Reviews

“In the beginning, there is a wrestling match with wrestlers Boa and Python. The outcome of the match symbolizes the result of the giant snake battle. There is also some “deep social criticism” with pokes directed at sensational press, expensive bottled water, big game hunting and snake phobia.” Shameless Pile of Stuff

“Sure this has some mildly amusing attempts at humour […] and a pretty morbid “make out” moment; but the entire thing is pretty low-scale stuff […], the acting is all-around weak […] and the CGI snake effects are pretty crappy…” The Video Graveyard

Choice dialogue:

Monica Barnes: “In my book, people who play with snakes are creepy.”

Agent Sharpe: “I don’t have time to stand here all night and argue reptile rights with you, doctor!”


The film was released on DVD by Columbia Tristar on August 24th 2004. Tristar would later re-release the film on September 20th later that year and on October 1st 2007. It was later released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment as a part of a multi-film pack, that included Chupacabra Terror; Frankenfish and Lake Placid 3.

Cast and characters:

David Hewlett … Emmett
Jaime Bergman … Monica Barnes
Kirk B.R. Woller … Agent Sharpe
Adamo Palladino … Broddick (as Adam Kendrick)
Angel Boris Reed … Eve (as Angel Boris)
Mariana Stansheva … Agent Koznetova (as Mariana Stanisheva)
Griff Furst … James (as Griffith Feuerstein) – the future director of Nightmare Shark; Trailer Park Shark; Lake Placid 3, Swamp Shark, Arachnoquake; et al
Ivo Naidenov … Littlefield
George R. Sheffey … Danner
Atanas Srebrev … Foley (as Nasko Srebrev)
Harry Anichkin … Tex (as Hari Anichkin)
Jeff Rank … Kent Humphries
Assen Blatechki … Ramon (as Asen Beltechki)
Velizar Binev … Louis
Jonas Talkington … Deputy
Nikolai Sotirov … Ring Announcer (as Niki Sotirov)
Ryan Spike Dauner … Boy (as Spike Dauner)
Dessi Morales … Girl
John Hansson … Plant Boss
Uti Bachvarov … Security Guard
Edward McDermott … Soldier #1
D.J. Johnson … Soldier #2
John Klimas … Soldier #3
Andres Rojas … Young Student
Michelle Llorens … Truck Dispatcher
Shero Rauf … Dancer (uncredited)

Technical details:

91 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Audio: Dolby Digital


The onscreen title is Boa vs Python and not Boa vs. Python which would be grammatically correct.

Image credits: California Herps

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