CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘Twice the thrills… Twice the kills… Twice the chills… Down your spine!’
Chills Down Your Spine is a 2020 American horror anthology feature film consisting of ten segments including a wraparound story. It is a sequel to Shivers Down Your Spine (2015). In the movie, Jeff finds a new lamp while trying to find Sabiah only to discover her little sister Mahktoonah. The two then go on an odyssey to find and free Sabiah from a deranged killer while telling various horror stories to pass the time…

Directed by Mathew Kister (Shivers Down Your Spine; The Eyes of Isabelle) from a screenplay co-written with Tony Crumpton and Lisa Kovanda, the Dead Lantern Pictures production stars Megan Garcia (Camp Blood 4; Shivers Down Your Spine; Cheerleader Camp: To the Death), Steve Eaton (The Grand Horror; Outpost Doom) and Anastasia August (Return of the Robo-Mummy from Outer Space Part 7).

Road Trip: Jeff finds a new genie and goes on an ancient road trip to find his lost love in the first of two wraparound stories.
The Devil’s Corkscrew: Gold robbers in the old west try to escape justice and lead the lives they deserve.
Isabelle Returns: Isabelle Wakeworth is back from the dead and ready to kill in this animated slasher!

The Ditch: A young woman, covered in blood, tries to get help from a stranger.
Bed and Breakfast: A night at a Gothic mansion turns into a terror fueled nightmare…or does it?
Hysteria!: A burlesque troupe finds themselves in a Scooby-Doo-esque murder mystery!
Blood Model: A struggling artist finds the perfect pigment to make their paintings come to life.
The Whirlpool of Night: A private detective is hired to steal a mysterious box that contains a cosmic power in this film-noir!
The Calling of the Things Beyond: A playwright decides to finish her father’s cursed play with horrifying results.
C’mon Baby Light My Flame: Sabiah has been captured by a killer bent on carving out her flame in the second wraparound!


“I would be shocked if you couldn’t find something you liked within its confines. Of course, being a horror anthology, there is a lot of adult content that probably shouldn’t be viewed by anyone underage […] This would be one of the first films I would recommend to anyone interested in what Nebraska filmmakers are doing and what they’re capable of.” Greg the Movie Guy

” …the film has plenty of blood and great practical effects along with some solid make-up effects. There is literally something for everyone in this one. Overall, Chills Down Your Spine is my contender for best indie horror film of 2020…” Horror Society

“The two wraparound stories come together in a hilarious resolution, though it felt a bit abrupt. Almost as if the filmmakers said to themselves, we gotta stop here or we will keep going. Much like I feel with this review. Chills Down Your Spine is a roller coaster ride of a good time that has everything I love about indie horror.” We Live Entertainment

Chills Down Your Spine is available direct from Dead Lantern Pictures here

Cast and characters:
Anastasia August … June and Enchante (Segment “Bed and Breakfast” “Hysteria”)
Clint Beaver … Charles (Segment “The Calling of the Things Beyond”)
Michell Blodgett … Viola and Beautiful Woman (Segment “Hysteria” “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Leah Cardenas … Clementine (Segment “Hysteria”)
Kevin A Casey … Albert and Driver (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew” “The Ditch”)
Cynthia Condrey … Extra (Segment “Blood Model”)
Dailen Cowden … Jack and Peter (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew” “Road Trip”)
Schuylar Craig … Oracle and Abigail (Segment “Road Trip” “Blood Model”)
Allison Davis … Charlotte and Morgan (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew” and “The Calling of the Things Beyond”)
Sara Demanett … Enforcer 1 (Segment “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Hannah Dolezal … Nora (Segment “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Kristen Drake … Lavinia (Segment “The Calling of the Things Beyond”)
Steve Eaton … Jeff (Segment “Road Trip” “Flame”)
Julia Farrell … Woman and Veronica (Segment “Hysteria” “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Malik Fortner … Male Model (Segment “Blood Model”)
Benito Garcia … Killer ( Segment “Flame”)
Edwin Garcia … Bill (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew”)
Megan Garcia … Mahktoonah and Sabiah (Segment “Road Trip” “Flame”)
Heather Geerdes … Enforcer 3 (Segment “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Tbird Haynes … Old Cowboy (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew”)
Nicholas Hernandez … Billy (Segment “Blood Model”)
Lyra Hubl … Enforcer 2 (Segment “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Patrick Lambrecht … Randolph (Segment “The Calling of the Things Beyond”)
Nick Lemay … Man and John (Segment “The Ditch” “Blood Model”)
Simon Lovell … Butler (Segment “Bed and Breakfast”)
Crystal Milani … Lilith (Segment “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Chadrick Miller … Tim (Segment “Blood Model”)
Kathy Mittan … Art Instructor (Segment “Blood Model”)
Kayla Moore … Mallory (Segment “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Eric Moyer … Samuel and Husband (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew” “Road Trip”)
Sarah Nichole … Abigail (Segment “The Calling of the Things Beyond”)
Christina Olson … Rue (Segment “Hysteria”)
Katie Otten … Dolly (Segment “Hysteria”)
Mark Popejoy … Rufus and Self (Segment “Road Trip” “Intermission”)
Sydney Readman … Woman (Segment “The Ditch”)
Cara Rockwell … Wanda (Segment “Hysteria”
T.J. Roe … James (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew”)
Roxcy Rowen … Tiffany and Scarlet and Kamaria (Segment “Bed and Breakfast” “Hysteria” “Intermission”) (as Raquel Rowenhorst)
Michelle Schrage … Wife and Brigid (Segment “Road Trip” “The Whirlpool of Night”)
Melissa Schroeder … Audrey (Segment “The Calling of the Things Beyond”)
Brigitte Timmerman … Death (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew”)
Kathy ‘Kat’ Walsh … Woman (Segment “The Calling of the Things Beyond”)
Lindsay Washburn … Sarah (Segment “The Devil’s Corkscrew”)
Janine Witzenburg … Genoa (Segment “Blood Model”)

Filming locations:
St. Joseph, Missouri
Grand Island, Lincoln, Lyons and Omaha, Nebraska

Technical details:
180 minutes
Audio: Stereo (RCA Sound Recording)

A trailer was available via YouTube but this has now, inexplicably, been made private.

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