Anonymous Killers (2020) preview of captive criminals horror thriller

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‘Five captives. One deadly trial. Beyond judgement lies the truth.’

Anonymous Killers is a 2020 American horror thriller feature film about four seasoned killers and one hapless professor who wake up in chains. The five discover they are part of a demented experiment orchestrated by a maniacal, mysterious captor.

To decide their fate, they must share the motives behind their crimes as they face the judgement of their peers. The rules are non-negotiable and the outcome is clear: live or die. The moral compass spins frantically as all fight to justify their lives before the final vote is cast.

Written and directed by A.R. Hilton – making his feature debut – the movie stars Dominic Pace, Gabriela Lopez, Kevin Glikman, Natasha Halabi, Nathanyael Gray and Patrick Caberty.


Anonymous Killers premieres on October 6th 2020 with a limited ‘theater at home’ experience and a wider streaming release later in the month.


“Instead of digital, director A.R. Hilton chose to shoot on 35mm film to give Anonymous Killers a more natural, grainy look than using filters applied to digital film would result in. This artistic choice also made Hilton eligible for the Panavision First Time Filmmaker Grant, which rewards first-time filmmakers with up to a million dollars in Panavision cameras and gear. Panavision loved the script and stuck with the crew through the entire four years it took to complete.”

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Main cast and characters:

Dominic Pace … Romero Scaranelli
Gabriela Lopez … Lucy Black
Kevin Glikmann … Curtis Tiddleman
Natasha Halabi … Marlene Gunthery
Manu Intiraymi … Vladimir
Alena Savostikova … Sasha
Andrew Bongiorno … Sean
Meredith Thomas … Marlene’s Mother
Keith Mason … Bodyguard
Emily Bader … Teenage Marlene
Dakota Somervill … Older Girl 1
Mike Ferguson … Mikey the bouncer
Patrick Hume … Man at Newsstand
Jayda Berkmen … Woman In Black
Clint Jung … Detective Nance
Kevin McCorkle … Attorney
Erica Manni … Alina Dukova
Sandra Staggs … Gloria
Timothy E. Goodwin … Dunkin
Sean Ormond … Tony
William Leon … Adam
Shiah Luna … Police Officer
Luke Fattorusso … Young Romero Scaranelli
Lisa Goodman … Madam Nadia
Michael Ark … Marlene’s Father
Hiram A. Murray … Rebel Leader
Jeffrey Decker … Samuel Gunthery
Mauri Montebello Perez … Samantha’s Boyfriend (as Mauri Montebello)
Sarah Burkhardt … Christine Jennings
Chelsea Newman … Samantha
Hailey Hermida … Young Lucy
Cort King … Jamal
Phillip Abraham … Christopher
Francisco Ovalle … Prisoner
Dennis Nicomede … Simon Raft
Hal Alpert … Mr Hutling
Stephanie Rojas … College Student
Marlene Marquez … Alba
Patrick Cupo … George
Lindsey Hutchison … Katherine
Kyle Eastman … Teenage Curtis
Alexander von Roon … Authoritative Man
Vincent van Hinte … Faber
Mallian Butler … Fatima
Tom Noga … Nicky

Technical details:

100 minutes


This film should not be confused with Killers Anonymous (2019) directed by Martin Owen and starring Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba.


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