The Last Exorcist (2020) reviews and overview

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‘If she fails, all hell breaks loose’

The Last Exorcist is a 2020 American horror feature film about a woman that must battle a demon from her past that has possessed her sister. Unfortunately, every priest trained in exorcisms has already died in a terrorist attack!

Written and directed by Robin Bain (Girl Lost), the Thriller Films-Tip-Top Productions movie stars Danny Trejo (Bullets of Justice; 3 from Hell; American Nightmares; Dead in Tombstone and sequel; et al), Terri Ivens (Coven; Piranhaconda), Rachele Brooke Smith (Nightmare Shark; Cold Moon; Atomic Shark; The Cloth) and Cate Jones (The Jurassic Games; Camp Cold Brook; Hellraiser: Judgment).


The Last Exorcist will be released on DVD and Digital on October 13th 2020 by Uncork’d Entertainment.

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“If the film at least had been shot with some flair it could have been an entertaining mess. But everything feels flat and uninspired. The girl’s mother killing a man in front of them is dull. The guy bursting into flames at the funeral is laughable. Jo in priestly robes having to interrupt her sister’s exorcism for a martial arts battle with a demonic terrorist doesn’t even work on a WTF level.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Danny Trejo … Marco
Rachele Brooke Smith … Jo
Terri Ivens … Maddie
Cate Jones … Possessed Woman
Nicolas Coster … Archbishop Norman
Da Leigh … Dolly
Leah Ann Cevoli … Doctor Dorothy Link
Danny Tracey … Cab Driver
Adam Horner … Daniel
David C Tam … Churchgoer
Ginifer Ree … Blue Collar Patron / Churchgoer
Delores Wheeler … Townsperson
April Warren … Blue Collar Patron / Townsperson
Olivia Reid … Flashback Model
Branden Smith … Luke
Dennis LaValle … Father Peter
Aurora Vela … Young Jo
Debbi Tucker … Elderly Woman in Taxi
Melody Brooke … Sister Catherine
Geoff Barron … Local Man
Edwin A. Santos … News Reporter
Tony Maurice Frazier … Father Andrew
Melanie Brooke Sweeney … Sister Marie
Sierra Renfro … Nun
Angel Vides … Bar Patron
Bobby Emprechtinger … Domenic
C. Royce Collins … Paul
William Sturgeon … Will – The Bar Regular
Donnie Marhefka … Possessed Man
Ashley Underwood … Patricia aka The Mother
Ryan Cole Stratton … Townsperson
Ashlynn Ree … Church Goer
Sophie Kimery … Young Maddie
Jaren Guey … Townsperson
Elizabeth Bean … Vigil Attendant
Nathan Lawrence … Self – Blue collard patron
Elda Muniz … Church Patron / Bar Patron
William C. Bennett … Vigil Attendant
Slim Khezri … Church Goer / Mental Patient (uncredited)
Jonathan Nation … Mental patient (uncredited)

Filming locations:

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Los Angeles, California

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