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Noise in the Middle is a 2020 American horror film about a father of a non-verbal autistic girl who seeks experimental therapy. Unfortunately, the father who is grieving for his dead wife unknowingly rents an Airbnb with a haunted history.

Directed by Marcus McCollum from a screenplay co-written by Glen Kannon, the Whiskey Tango Films production stars Tara Buck, John Mese, Juliette Jeffers and Tom Konkle. McCollum also produced the film with Mark Conley.

After the sudden death of his wife Sara, Richard, a grieving and emotionally ill-equipped father is left on his own to care for his severely, non-verbal autistic daughter Emmie. Before her death, Sara had arranged for Emmy to partake in an experimental therapy and rented a house near the facility where the treatments would take place. Little does Richard know the house has a haunted history.

While Richard struggles with his wife’s death he soon realizes he has no patience, skills, or even any empathy to deal with Emmie’s condition and begins to find solace in drinking and drugs.  As the spirits in the house grow restless,  so does the noise in Emmie’s head, awakening her psychic abilities along with Richard’s personal demons.

When visions of his dead wife begin to appear, Richard is convinced she has returned to help him. But is the spirit really his wife or something more sinister sent to take them both?

“You may grow frustrated with Richard, who is continually pointed in the right direction by, well, everyone in this movie, only to do the exact opposite at pretty much every turn. That said, there’s some solid acting here and the actual emotion of loss and trying to understand how to be a parent afterwards seems honest, even when the horror elements get in the way.” B&S About Movies

“Aside from Albert’s comic relief, the film is rather one-note. I get that some people don’t understand what to do when their child has autism but watching a parent emotionally neglect their child to the point of being cruel is rather distressing. Admittedly there was a point around an hour into Noise in the Middle when it looked like Richard was about to see the error of his ways, but no, sadly it didn’t last.” My Bloody Reviews

“Somewhere inside Noise in the Middle there is a decent film, but the endless layers of ideas make it a confusing mess. It’s not an overtly bad horror film, and there are a lot of them released, but it’s not a good one, either.” SBS

“A pretty cool spooker that chooses a slow-burn approach to build up and then unravel its mystery, works the autism angle into the plot rather beautifully, to ultimately defy expectations […] And young Faye Hostetter really gives an outstanding performance to bring her character’s autism and vulnerability across, supported by a solid ensemble, while the direction is heavy on atmosphere but also subtle enough to keep the audience guessing till the end…”

Noise in the Middle was initially released on the Kings of Horror YouTube channel on October 29th 2020.

Cast and characters:
Tara Buck … Sara Broderick
John Mese … Richard Broderick
Juliette Jeffers … Zandra
Tom Konkle … Albert
Jim Holmes … Doctor Helmond
Faye Hostetter … Emmy Broderick

Filming locations:
Spokane, Washington

Full film free to watch online:

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