A STRANGER AMONG THE LIVING (2019) Reviews and overview

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‘There are some demons you can’t outrun.’

A Stranger Among the Living is a 2019 American horror feature film about a young teacher haunted by the undead after narrowly escaping a school shooting.

Written, directed by and starring Christopher Wesley Moore [as Chris Moore] (The House of Covered Mirrors; TriggeredBlessed Are the Children) the CWM Entertainment production also stars Meredith Mohler, Jake Milton, Keni Bounds and Victoria Posey.


“Played with quiet conviction by the talented Jake Milton, Lyle is already burdened by the time we meet him. Unfulfilled with his career path, he is seemingly afraid to commit too fully to any life choice less he be disappointed. He is uninterested in romance, making him perhaps the first asexual protagonist in a genre project.” Big Gay Horror Fan

“While there’s a lot to really enjoy in this one and has some creepy aspects at play, the flaws might be somewhat more impactful especially to those that don’t appreciate the slower tempo and rhythm the film works at. Those that can appreciate this kind of measured and relaxing pacing will find much to enjoy here…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation 

“Drama, horror and suspense bounce off each other in a memorizing way that’s sure to keep your attention. It could also translate to an episode of The Twilight Zone reboot if this was another reality/dimension. It’s not going to be for everyone, but horror fans who enjoy a great deal of emotional turmoil in their movies are going to enjoy it.” Horror Society

“The performances remain strong and the character development is well done. It’s just the eerie moments and atmosphere are so well done, they are missed when not on screen for an extended amount of time. That said, the script does get back to the good stuff, and patient viewers will be rewarded with an intriguing final act.” Morbidly Beautiful

“Drawing from a vast cosmos of existential material and blending it with the shadows that haunt the American political spectrum, this is essential viewing for horror fans and film lovers who enjoy lower budget pieces with heart.  Relevant, mind-bending, and unforgettable, A Stranger is an unwanted guest of the mind who refuses to leave, long after the credits fade.” The Movie Sleuth

“The story arcs overlap back and forth in a satisfying rhythm. The supernatural elements in A Stranger Among the Living borrow heavily from the classic Jacob’s Ladder (1990) in both tone and situations. In fact, one scene is taken straight from the film, but I find it more of an homage that a direct ripoff.” Pop Horror

” …despite some quite gory scenes, this is actually more of a mood piece, a film one may interpret as an allegoric guilt trip or a nightmare with no waking up, rather than your standard horror fare – and in that sense (though not necessarily in style), this film has much in common with the classic Carnival of Souls…” Search My Trash

A Stranger Among the Living lacks the dark humour of Moore’s previous films. In fact, it’s pretty much devoid of any humour or lighter moments. Combined with the more deliberate pace and lack of jumps some viewers will find it dull. But those who appreciate mood and atmosphere and don’t mind all the character study will find this to their liking.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Meredith Mohler … Amanda Raines
Christopher Wesley Moore … Jarvis Coker
Jake Milton … Henry Lyle
Keni Bounds … Jessica Newton
Victoria Posey … Patsy Lyle
Mandy Meyer … Patti
David Wozniak … Floyd
Denise Halbach … Nun
Ava Grady … Little Girl
Will Lovorn … Mitchell Mayer
Claire Mayronne … Dede
J.C. Patterson … Riley
Courtney Middleton … Jean
Eric Riggs … Bobby Blakely
Samuel Reece … Peter

Filming locations:

Jackson, Mississippi

Technical details:

94 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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