HUNTED (2020) Reviews of allegorical psycho-in-the-woods film

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‘Two maniac killers. The woods. Eve.’

Hunted is a 2020 Belgian-French-Irish horror thriller about a young woman pursued by a psycho in the woods until she fights back.

Directed by Vincent Paronnaud (Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales; Persepolis) from a screenplay co-written with Léa Pernollet and English dialogue by David H. Pickering, the movie stars Lucie Debay, Arieh Worthalter and Ciaran O’Brien.


Eve meets what she thinks is a charming guy in a bar. Yet things go terribly wrong once she realises she’s come across a psychopath and his puppet accomplice. They engage in a deadly chase until she decides to fight back. The forest will be her ally…

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“Full of violent and surprising scenes, Hunted also offers surreal situations, during the forest sections, while offering a brutal climax in a more urban area. Hunted also has a few shocks in store for audiences, while  modernizing the Little Red Riding Hood tale.” 28 Days Later Analysis

Hunted is beautifully shot and not averse to being playful at the right moments. It’s a tightly constructed film in which everything feels chaotic and yet nothing has been left to chance. There are no wolves anymore, not in this forest, but Paronnaud invites us to remember them.” Eye for Film

“It’s a slick horror-thriller with plenty of excitement. Certainly doesn’t hurt that Lucie Debay and Arieh Worthalter, both of whom carry the vast majority of screentime, are fascinating in their respective roles. Debay’s Eve starts off feeling like a timid woman only to reveal herself as a ruthless warrior.” Father Son Holy Gore

“Any attempts at altering or course-correcting are lost to the demands of the narrative (and the allegory) which are themselves wrapped up poorly in a confrontation that winds up back in the complex Eve’s developing for her regular job. Its ending ties things up in a neat little bow and ends the allegory on a frenzied note displaying Eve’s descent into savagery as well.” Irish Film Critic

” …the unnamed predatory male played by Arieh Worthalter is one of the most despicable antagonists I have seen in a film […] Praise really has to be given to the star Lucie Debay, whose performance of Eve evolves from scared victim to vicious warrior, complete with warpaint, over the course of the film.” Sean Kelly on Movies


Hunted premiered at the virtual Fantasia festival in August 2020; it will stream on Shudder in 2021.

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Christian Bronchart … The Foreman
Lucie Debay … Eve
Ciaran O’Brien … The Accomplice
Jean-Mathias Pondant … The Barman
Kevin Van Doorslaer … Eve’s Boss
Gilles Vandeweerd … Husband
Dianne Weller … Real Estate Agent
Arieh Worthalter … The Handsome Guy

Technical details:

87 minutes


There is currently no trailer available for Hunted.


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