THE SCIENTIST (2020) Preview of sci-fi horror pic

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‘He found a cure that kills’

The Scientist is a 2020 American science-fiction horror feature film about a well-meaning medical man who unleashes an unspeakable terror by mistake.

Written and directed by Derrick Granado (The Damned Thing), the Blue Light Pictures-Cyfuno Ventures production stars Robb Hudspeth (Stories in the Night), Kristin Keith and Addison McGarry.


Unconventional scientist Steve Unger struggles to care for his terminally-ill wife Darlene, who only has a few weeks left to live. While trying to stay strong for his wife and ten-year-old daughter Lily, Steve hastily embarks on a journey to develop a cure to fix Darlene and keep his family together.

Ignoring all legal and moral boundaries in the search for his cure, his methods of treatment and tampering with human DNA could lead to the extinction of humanity.

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Daniel B. Davis … Homeless Man
Shannon Denay … Betty
David Dittmeier … Robert
Robb Hudspeth … Steve Unger
Kristin Keith … Darlene Unger
Cassidy Kennedy … Minnie
Addison McGarry … Lilly Unger
J. Alan Nelson … Detective Wells

Filming locations:


Technical details:

93 minutes
Audio: D-Cinema 48kHz 5.1


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