ON HALLOWEEN (2020) preview of Australian creepy clown flick


On Halloween is a 2020 Australian horror feature film about a journalist who goes in search of the truth after a series of brutal deaths. The mystery leads back to an urban legend about a serial killing clown that has stalked the woods of Century Park for over a hundred years.

Written and directed by Timothy Boyle, the Boiling Point Pictures production stars Giselle van der Wiel, Telen Rodwell, Aaron J. March and Robert Harrell.


” …there’s not much to recommend about On Halloween. True, rhyming clowns is cool enough […] but the rest of the cast are unremarkably wooden – you don’t care for them, you don’t fear for their lives […] The main issue though is that the story is told from different perspectives, in the present and the past; and it’s not made clear which is which at first.” Nerdly


On Halloween was released on VOD on October 6th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Giselle van der Wiel … Jordan Madden
Telen Rodwell … Boo
Aaron J. March … Jimmy Roberts
Robert Harrell … Carl Japson
James Pratt … Ethan Rodgers
Daniel Musial … Marc Kasser
Ezekiel Simat … Chuck Finlay
Conor Fogarty … Brad Collins
Brandon Paterson … Mikey Hamter
Ivan Topic … Samuel Rodriguez
Anna Bauert … Trish Tukker
Daniel Cummings … Johnny Tukker
Terry Serio … The Whaa
Patch May … Steve Madden
Barbara Hastings … Margaret O’Niel

Technical details:

92 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
Audio: Stereo | Dolby Digital

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