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Another Round is a 2020 Danish feature film in which four teachers try to improve their lives by keeping alcohol constantly in their blood. The original title is Druk.

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg (The Command; Far from the Madding Crowd; The Hunt) from a screenplay co-written with Tobias Lindholm, the movie stars Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang and Lars Ranthe.


“It feels dangerously easy for such a film to veer off course into raunchy comedy mode but Vinterberg maintains a steady hand and a thoughtful introspection. Mads Mikkelsen is at his very best in the film, teetering on one ledge or another, giving a thrilling performance that is being constantly and expertly recalibrated.” @ssholes Watching Movies

” …Mads refreshingly plays against type as a nebbish school teacher, portraying middle age milieu with the kind of depth and subdued emotionality he always imbues into his characters. Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe, and Magnus Millang are equally as assured in their performances […] I can’t say enough positive remarks about Another Round, an equally intoxicating and affecting portrait that boasts honest truths at every turn.” Battle Royale with Cheese

” …this film is both a great time at the movies as well as an empathetic, melancholy portrait of how easily one can slip into alcoholism. While many may be put off by Another Round’s ambiguous message, I felt that it just reflected the ambiguity and messiness of life — by embracing that messiness, Vinterberg has created a bittersweet and moving work of art. Enjoy with a drink.” Goomba Stomp

” …the plot trots along a MOR path towards a jimmied-in, bafflingly upbeat and ineffective conclusion. Some laughs land hard and its understated drama rings true but it doesn’t rocket the plot with potency, substance or structure enough to resonate, despite an amiable air, authenticity and stifled heartfelt laughs.” HeyUGuys

“In many ways, it is no surprise that Vinterberger’s latest film leaves you feeling unsure how to feel about these men. He was, after all, one of the co-founders of the Dogme95 movement […] There is anger, pity and antipathy to be felt for these men. But there is also an ambiguous celebration taking place somewhere under the surface that makes you feel uneasy, even though there is a smile on your face.” Live for Films

“Just as getting hammered is a lot of fun, so too is watching others get destroyed, and for the most part, Another Round is a joyous experience. Apparently, the cast were required to actually get drunk while filming, which lends verisimilitude to their onscreen behaviour. There are a couple of drink-fuelled dance sequences that are simply filled with a love of life.” The Movie Waffler

” …Lindholm and Vinterberg’s screenplay imbues heaps of pathos onto teachers who can’t help but wonder where their youth went. By the final catharsis, Mikkelsen’s enrapturing dance on the docks of the river, we’re not only overtaken by the intoxicating jubilation of feeling alive, but we’re reminded of why he and Vinterberg make such a formidable duo.”

Another Round is perhaps less sure-footed in its conclusions than The Hunt was. Still, that original Danish title, as with so many title translations, perhaps better conveys the layers that Vinterberg’s film successfully conveys using cinematic language and the superb central performance from Mikkelsen.” Take One


Cast and characters:

Mads Mikkelsen … Martin
Thomas Bo Larsen … Tommy
Magnus Millang … Nikolaj
Lars Ranthe … Peter
Maria Bonnevie … Anika
Helene Reingaard Neumann … Amalie
Susse Wold … Rektor
Magnus Sjørup … Jonas
Silas Cornelius Van … Kasper
Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt … Sebastian
Martin Greis-Rosenthal … Head Waiter
Frederik Winther Rasmussen … Malthe
Aksel Vedsegaard … Jason
Aya Grann … Josephine
Gustav Sigurth Jeppesen … Rasmus

Technical details:

117 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.00: 1



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