THE LEPRECHAUN’S GAME (2020) preview of Brit horror pic

‘Wanna play?’

The Leprechaun’s Game is a 2020 British horror feature film about thieves who are sent to hunt urban legends but steal a pot of gold instead. Soon, they will realise the price they must pay for stealing a leprechaun‘s gold. Also known as Vengeance of the Leprechaun’s Gold.

Directed by Louisa Warren (Scarecrow’s Revenge; The Mermaid’s Curse; End GameTooth Fairy and sequel; et al) from a screenplay co-written with Shannon Holiday (Amityville Cornfield; Mummy Resurgence; Mandy the Haunted Doll; et al), the ChampDog Films production stars Daniel Sawicki (Cannibal Lake; Mummy Resurgence), Louisa Warren, Bao Tieu (Cupid), Magda Vero (V vs V;  Bride of Scarecrow) and Faith Kiggundu (Cannibal Troll; Cupid).


The Leprechaun’s Game is completed and will be released by ITN Distribution on 2nd February 2021.

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Cast and characters:

Daniel Sawicki … Karl Phillips
Louisa Warren … Mischa Corton
Bao Tieu … Leprechaun
Magda Vero … Ruby Wires
Faith Kiggundu … Lucy Cambers
Zuza Tehanu … Tammy Sellick
Antonia Johnstone … Detective Suzy Spade
Chris Clynes … Tim Johnson
Mike Kelson … John Rotherland
Nicole Nabi … Belle
Lee Hancock … Dealer Stan
Mya Brown … Nel
Marcus Brooks-Henderson … Marshall
Wiktoria Wabnyc … Phoebe

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