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‘To save our world she must invade theirs’

Skylines is a 2020 science-fiction action horror feature film about an elite team of mercenaries sent to an alien world to save humanity. Stylized as Skylin3s

Written and directed by Liam O’Donnell (Portals; Beyond Skyline; Skyline), based on a story co-written with Matthew E. Chausse, the movie stars Lindsey Morgan, Jonathan Howard, Rhona Mitra and James Cosmo. Produced by Matthew E. Chausse, Benni Diez, Liam O’Donnell, Colin Strause and Greg Strause.


First, an extraterrestrial force threatened to swallow Earth’s entire population. Then a driven detective embarked on a relentless pursuit to free his son from a nightmarish alien warship.

Captain Rose Corley has extraterrestrial superpowers meaning she is the only person powerful enough to vanquish the alien marauders. When a virus threatens to turn Earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against humans, Corley assembles an elite team of mercenaries on a mission to the alien world to save humanity…


“Overall, Skylines was more energetic and lively than the previous entries and went all-in with its wacky story. Is it ridiculous? Yes. Is it corny and over-the-top? Yes, and yes, but this never pretends to be something it’s not. I love this type of low-grade sci-fi that wears its heart on its sleeve.” Arrow in the Head

Skylin3s is a solid science-fiction film that looks fantastic and it serves up exactly why you want it to. The action is non-stop, the heroine is kick-ass and the story leaves enough open for a fourth instalment should O’Donnell choose to continue the franchise. If you like your science-fiction packed with action and strong visuals, you’ll love everything about Skylin3s.” Entertainment Focus

“All in all, for its relative visual splendour, splashy gunfights, and martial arts mayhem, I was left desperately wanting to see more of Grillo and Uwais’ characters from the previous movie. Though the general production is never less than competent, Skylin3s‘ Syfy-calibre writing too often renders it a low-energy chore. All in all, it’s an impressive VFX show-reel considering the price-tag, if otherwise a fairly forgettable slice of kitschy hokum.” Flickering Myth

“Without the tonal discord of the second film, Skylin3s gets straight down to the business of taking the viewer on an action-heavy battle through space. A well-rounded film, and potentially the strongest of the three, with Skylin3s, Liam O’Donnell lets his geek flag fly, and in doing so produces a thoroughly entertaining intergalactic action epic.” The Hollywood News

” …unashamedly draws on s-f action models, with a lot of business here in the Starship Troopers or Aliens mode – though it’s also a bit like a mammoth Dr Who episode, with a lot of alien-zapping action in cavernous corridors and pulp paperback/prog-rock album cover vistas of spacescapes.  It’s action-oriented, but the plot has more twists than expected as the franchise itself continues to evolve.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“If you are a fan of the Riddick movies, Alien, Mad Max, Starship Troopers, The Raid, Predator, ID4, hell even the Avenger movies, this is absolutely the movie for you. A smart as hell space actioner that cuts between earth and the alien homeworld and never outstayed its welcome. Best of all Skylin3s carries on the tradition of having huge cajones dreaming big in scope and size to continually build on the great stuff that came before it.” Nerdy

“Apart from some obvious green screen and a couple of misfires, the effects are quite well done considering the film’s budget and the sheer number of them. I do wish they’d done more of the gore effects without CGI, but I’ll deal with that in return for the mass destruction we get towards the end.” Voices from the Balcony

” …wait til you see who appears during the big fight scene in London because even I was surprised. Hint: He does appear in Beyond Skyline. Skylines is a freaking great “final” installment of Liam O’Donnell’s sci-fi action saga. The cast is top-notch, a great story, and some major butt-kicking action.” World Film Geek


Skylin3s had its world premiere at the virtual Arrow Video FrightFest on October 25th 2020.

In the USA, Vertical Entertainment will release Skylin3s theatrically in select location and On-Demand on December 18th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Lindsey Morgan … Rose Corley
Rhona Mitra … Doctor Mal
Alexander Siddig … General Radford
James Cosmo … Grant
Daniel Bernhardt … Owens
Yayan Ruhian … Huana
Jonathan Howard … Leon
Ieva Andrejevaite … Alexi
Samantha Jean … Elaine
Jeremy Fitzgerald … Trent
Giedre Mockeliunaite … Izzy
Cha-Lee Yoon … Zhi
Phong Giang … The Matriarch
Naomi Tankel … Kate


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