SCAVENGER (2019) reviews of post-apocalyptic revenge pic


Scavenger is a 2019 Argentinian science-fiction action feature film about a post-apocalyptic world with its own rules. Tisha, a paid assassin and an organ dealer with a dark past, seeks revenge for a crime that marked her life. Original title: Carroña

Directed by Eric Fleitas and Luciana Garraza from a screenplay co-written with Sheila Fentana, the movie stars Nayla Churruarin, Eric Fleitas, Sofia Lanaro, Rosa Cuenya Macedo, Jose Manuel Solis Vargas and Gonzalo Tolosa.


In a post-apocalyptic future, where the sky appears to be as rusty as the stolen vehicles, the broken-down social landscape has been devastated by disease and economic crisis. Tisha is an organ trafficker and ignores the sweat-ridden faces of fear every time she stabs a human being to steal their body parts. The money she raises is for a steely purpose – to find the whereabouts of the brutal cartel that murdered her family and wreak explosive viscera-packed revenge…


“Any semblance of a plot that was worth sitting through was thrown out of the window by the film’s mid-section. As a horror fan, I’m used to feeling queasy when I leave the cinema but I’m not used to feeling sick to my stomach about what I just saw. Scavenger is needlessly gratuitous and I would caution anyone to reconsider before they put themselves through it.” Entertainment Focus

“There’s grime everywhere; our cast are all covered in muck, their clothes disheveled and in need of a wash, and everything appears broken and rundown. Scavenger attempts to be Mad Max meets I Spit on Your Grave. Filling a massive chunk of screen-time with so much brutality leads the viewer to switch off either literally or mentally, and the promised revenge is too little too late to justify the extent of the ordeals witnessed.” The Hollywood News

“This brief, low-budget Argentine film at least has picturesque ravaged landscapes, especially when it gets out into the flatlands, though it feels a lot like a DIY George Miller tribute act. The music is excellent.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …while we might regard Tisha as a feminist heroine who avenges exploitation and sticks it to the man, she too is guilty of casually killing strangers for cash. Where exactly we sit in this dispiriting hierarchy of perverts, rapists and cutthroats is open to question – but here the breakdown of society begins with the (violent) breakup of the family.” Projected Figures

Technical details:

74 minutes

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