THE MIDWIFE (2020) British supernatural horror


The Midwife is a 2020 British horror film about a desperate young woman trying to make sense of the supernatural occurrences in her home. Things take a turn when the midwife pays a visit…

Directed by visual effects coordinator Marta Baidek – making her feature directorial debut – the Acid Rainbow Pictures production stars Lara Goodison, Jeremy Joyce, Ellie Morris, Adeline Waby, Christos Lawton, Tiffany Ceri and William McGeough.


Lissie (Lara Goodison) is living her best life with her loving husband Charlie (Jeremy Joyce) – they have a beautiful home and a new baby on the way.

However, when a sudden miscarriage sets off a series of supernatural occurrences, Lissie struggles to make sense of the chaos turning her happy home into a house of horrors.

Is she losing her mind? Can she still trust her husband? Is the spirit of baby Michael stalking the attic? Deliverance has a due date when the midwife makes a house call…


4Digital Media will release The Midwife in the USA on May 4th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Lara Goodison … Lissie
Jeremy Joyce … Charlie
Ellie Morris … Kara
Adeline Waby … Wendy the Midwife
Christos Lawton … Inspector Montmerancy
Tiffany Ceri … Dream Doctor
William McGeough … Sergeant Bromley

Technical details:

80 minutes