FROM THE DARK (2020) Murder mystery set in a mountain lodge


From the Dark is a 2020 American mystery horror film about a series of murders that take place after a party in a mountain lodge.

Directed by Patrick Dolan – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written by Matthew Spickard and Justin Jean Talbot, based on a story by Trinity Spickard, the movie stars Wyn Reed, Dylan O’Harra, Christopher Doran and Dan Hanvey. Produced by Patrick Dolan, Matthew Spickard, Justin Jean Talbot and Kenneth Bradley Vibert


Valerie Faust is an energetic, intelligent, yet bored young woman looking to make a change in her life. She has been working at a rural mountain lodge and cave attraction for several years and was raised around there her whole life. Her father once worked for the lodge before his passing, and now Valerie is ready to put this chapter of her life behind her.

On Valerie’s last day of work and the going-away party at her cabin that evening. Her friends and co-workers come by, as well as a few new faces that set the night’s events off onto a path that no one could have foreseen coming. When people start turning up missing, it’s up to Valerie and her friends to determine who they can trust and figure out a way to either escape the isolated mountains or at least survive until help can arrive.


From the Dark premiered on November 2nd 2020 in Ashland, Oregon. It is available to watch via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:

Wyn Reed … Valerie Faust
Dylan O’Harra … Daemon
Christopher Doran … Cooper
Dan Hanvey … Lucas
Matthew Spickard … Leon
Mig Windows … Diane
Skyler Bennett … Gwen
Harmony Spickard … Young Valerie Faust
Jonas Stewart … Donald Faust
Aiden Porter … Unknown Child
Madeleine Fichera … Sarah
Greg Franklin … Greg
Michael Meyer … Seth
Brian ‘Beef’ Williams … Pat the Driver
Kenneth Bradley Vibert … Abusive Biker

Filming locations:



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